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New songs from Utah artists 

Songs from locals you need to add to your library

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  • Emilee Atkinson

If you're anything like me, you're always looking for new music to add to your library. Luckily, the local scene is bursting with new, exciting tunes that are more than worthy of joining your collection. This is part one of a long series to come—as there are so many great artists to feature—so stay tuned.

Darling and Debonair, "Pack Light Type": Dynamic duo Darling and Debonair dropped their first full-length album last year, and it showcases their talent in a major way. Each song on the album was recorded live, their goal being to re-create an experience similar to what you would see at one of their shows. "Pack Light Type" is a sassy song detailing a rocky relationship, performed with an attitude and grit that's addictive. Darling and Debonair are able to create a full sound with just the two of them and an acoustic guitar. This song will have you singing along in no time, lamenting exes of the past. The album as a whole is perfect for when you're sitting around with a group of friends, having a drink and a laugh, perhaps around a campfire.

Health Care, "Rushing In": This young indie rock band has been making a splash since their self-titled debut album dropped in summer 2022. This year seems like it will be even bigger and better for the group, especially if they keep pumping out jams like their latest single, "Rushing In." Health Care have a deep love for '90s alternative, and that shines through brightly in their music, especially this new single. Upon pressing play, listeners are greeted with an enthusiastic countdown before a chugging bassline and drums start off. Singer Alley Greer's vocals are perfectly suited for this type of heavy, '90s-inspired, fast-paced indie rock; she has a strong voice that's not drowned out by the hefty instrumentation in the background. "Rushing In" is a perfect song to crank up while speeding down the highway with the windows down.

Kimi K, "Quit Callin'": When you're thinking of some of the best R&B in the area, Kimi K is at the top of the list. Scrolling through her Soundcloud profile, you'll find a lot of music from the soulful songstress over the years, and she just keeps getting better with time. "Quit Callin'" is off of her self-titled EP that came out in summer 2022, and it's easy to have on repeat. The song is just so smooth; from the instrumentation to Kimi's voice, the silky tones will draw you in and keep you there. Pressing play, you get effortless guitar and drums before Kimi comes in singing, "I ain't got time for this shit," and it's easy to relate to. The song details a situationship that many dread: that one person who only calls when they're lonely, only pays attention when it suits them and keeps you hanging on the side. Anyone who's ever dealt with this type of difficult relationship will immediately relate. This smooth yet somber track is great for those rainy, or more lately snowy, days when seasonal affective disorder takes over and you need to set the mood.

Cherry Thomas, "BARBEDWIRE": O-Town native Cherry Thomas has been in the local scene for quite some time, serving up great performances, and more recently, superb singles. If you catch her live you'll be able to hear some great acoustic tracks, but the singles she's put out more recently have a beautiful R&B/soul quality to them. Thomas' versatile voice lends itself well to different styles, and her latest single "BARBEDWIRE" is some of her best work to date. From the moment you press play, you dive deep into a complex and rich experience. The song starts with a beautiful "Wake up, wake up," that almost sounds like the beginning of a radio show you might hear when your alarm goes off in the morning. Not a bad way to wake up at all. The four words are peaceful sounding, especially with the layers of harmony happening in the background. The production on this song is exquisite, and Thomas is able to show off her vocal chops with beautiful runs and continued harmonies. This is an essential for fans of R&B/soul or even pop.

Cop Kid, "Useless": Gracing the list is another dynamic duo—the delightfully enchanting stereo lovechild of Marnie Proudfit and Boone Hogg, called Cop Kid. They hit us with their latest EP, Cop Kid Greatest Hits, Vol. 3, back in November, and it's a charming collection of songs that you won't be skipping through. While each of the five tracks is great, I wanted to highlight "Useless." It's a shoutout to all of the late 20-somethings feeling lost as they enter this new phase in life. The chorus hits like a punch, and is relatable on so many levels: "Living to get by / Wasting time / Still haven't figured it out / How to make up my mind / I'm a punk but I wanna own a house someday / I'm sick of feeling useless," Proudfit sings. This is a great track that hits you with its lyricism, while at the same time having a sunnier sound in the music that makes you feel like this might just be okay after all.

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