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New beers at Fisher Brewing 

Piney Brown and Cerveza are among the latest offerings

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  • Mike Riedel

In the midst of a new expansion and the acquisition of a dedicated canning line, Fisher Brewing begins to expand its portfolio with new suds and alcohol-enhanced versions of some staples that you may already be familiar with. Here's a sample of what's hot at Fisher right now.

Fisher - Piney Brown: This 7.3 percent beer pours a stalwart brown color and with near clarity, showing off garnet highlights. An off-white head of creamy stature caps the beer with great persistence and moderate lace—a solid but expected appearance for American Browns.

Medium aromas of chocolate, toast, nuts and a grassy citrus note emerge from the glass. The balanced nose never allows dominance from one aspect of the beer, but carries the scent in a melded and focused sense.

Flavors become a very direct carryover from the scent. Initial toffee sweetness from malt develops into an overall "malty" taste accompanied by cocoa-rich chocolates, medium toast, walnuts and a somewhat rich taste of malted milk at mid-palate. The hop flavor of citrus and freshly-cut grasses also develops at the midpoint, and continues a transition to clean grassy/citrusy bitterness to finish the beer. Where I would have preferred more attention from the hops, this beer stands just beyond what English versions prescribe.

A medium mouthfeel to start allows for the creamy carbonation to carry the beer into the mid-palate. but the fleeting carbonation and quickly-drying finish leaves an empty feel. Though drinkability is high, I wish that the malty-rich body extended further, and that the citrusy hop flavor and bitterness had greater showing to help round out the beer, along with more dryness in the end.

Verdict: This American Brown Ale is a very easy-drinking, and likely to complement a wide range of food pairings. Clean, crisp and casual, it's effortless in drinkability and helps to break that IPA rut we tend to get stuck in.

Fisher - Cerveza: This 4.7 percent lager is one of Fisher's best sellers. Its nearly clear pale straw color—almost golden in appearance—comes with a medium head despite hard pour, and a high amount of carbonation is present based on the amount of bubbles and how quickly the bubbles rise to the surface. A very light malt profile peeks in on the nose, with a hint of rice and white bread; grassy hops are prevalent.

Lightly toasted white bread is the initial note to jump out at my tongue, followed by a hint of yeast and corn. Rice, along with a hint of more corn, strikes me in the middle, as well as a slight pepperiness. It finishes grassy, with a bit of green apple and a slight lingering bitterness. Carbonation tickles rather than delivering a burn, despite the amount of carbonation visibly present. Ultra-light, with a slight drying astringency on the back end.

Verdict: A great lager here featuring lots of pale malts with some nice yeast and just the right amount of sweetness, plus a hint of corn and cream. It finishes very well-rounded, simultaneously crisp and smooth. Though almost indistinguishable from an American lager, it has slightly better malts with just a hint of spice, and drinks not dissimilar to an American adjunct lager.

Fisher's offerings are still mostly available at the source, with the exception of a handful of bars, pubs and restaurants along the Wasatch Front. The 32-ounce crowlers are still available for people to snag and take home, but the standard can for pre-packaged beers is now 16 ounces. Keep your eyes open for new and existing beers in the coming months as well. As always, cheers!

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