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NBA Poker at Lumpy's 

Also: Bogey's & W Lounge

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NBA Poker: Lumpy’s
The OG Lumpy’s (3000 S. Highland Drive) is serious about its games. is featured every Monday and Wednesday at 7 p.m., with plenty of prizes given to winners—plus that smug feeling you get when you play a killer hand. Since the NBA is finally back on, Lumpy’s has started showing the games again and is well equipped with several HD screens for all the overpaid, whining, sports-star ball playing you can handle. Also, and this is indirectly related (admittedly) to Club Matters, there is a Del Taco right next door. Eat in your car, pass out and let the sun wake you up naturally—sans DUI!

Pampered: Clearfield Soothes
If being pampered is your thing (and you live in Davis County), Bogey’s (22 E. 200 South, Clearfield) is your place, ladies. Its new night is called “Pampered” for a reason—probably because you’ll get more drinks thrown down your gullet than during regular nights. Bogey’s claims to have the largest LED dance floor in the state and two levels of entertainment, with featured soundsmiths DJ Stario and VJ Al. That’s sure to make your Saturdays swing.

Vegans Drink: W Lounge
Vegans are known for their desire to not hurt any living thing, but this same consideration is not extended to their livers while drinking. I brought this up to a vegan who attends SLC vegan drinks events, and I got a nonplussed expression for a reply—score one for the omnivores. If you think “meat is still murder, and dairy is still rape,” grab yourself a coconut-cream White Russian (not a real thing) along with other vegans for their third annual SLC Vegan Drinks and potluck at W Lounge (358 S. West Temple) Friday, Jan. 6. What better way to welcome the new year than with a healthy dose of unhealthy sanctimony?




Pics from Lumpy’s on Highland:
1. Mike Harris, Liz Jackson, Jennifer Smith, John Popylisen
2. Jinsunmi Palmer, Justin Palmer
3. Jen Smith, Laura Smith

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