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Nazis and Vaginas 

Two months in, the madness seems to be rolling strong in 2017.

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Nazis have perhaps made a return. Women are wearing vaginas on their heads. One side screams fake news and the other purports alternative facts. People were hoping for an end to all the madness that 2016 brought—but two months in, it seems to be rolling strong in 2017.

Both sides of the right-left paradigm seem to be yelling past each other more than ever. Righties are calling lefties cucks and lefties are calling righties fascists. There seems to be no room for civil discourse these days. People are instantly reactionary and digress into an angry fit if anyone dares to disagree with them. Even if people don't yell at you, you can usually depend on them to smugly say "well actually ..." then continue to give their version of the facts.

In a day and age where everyone feels the need to express their own personal opinions, there seems to be no end to the potential landmines that you can step on in any sort of conversation. Thing is, it's extremely easy to offend someone and it's tempting not to speak to others at all. But you can't become a loner shut-in, can you?

Before we start, there's one thing I'd like to request, can we stop calling Trump Hitler? That would make an analytic and peaceful conversation about him and his presidency much easier. Yes, we can discuss whether the wall is a good idea or him scaling back government programs is smart, but first, we need to do away with radical hyperbole. If you don't intend on having rational, even-tempered conversation that's fine too; keep on calling him Hitler.

I really do care about the country, that's the funny thing. But all this yelling back-and-forth rage just makes me not want to care. Maybe Trump will destroy America. Maybe he'll piss off the wrong people and start World War III. But you know what? America has had a good run, right? Nearly 250 years. That's not too bad, is it? Not as long as other countries ... but still, not bad.

Doomsday scenarios aside, I'm actually hopeful for the future. I think Trump's policies really are going to help middle America (I mean this economically and geographically). He says he's going to lower taxes, decrease regulations, get people working again. I don't actually know enough about economics to make a salient point about this, but, yeah—I think things are going to be good for middle-income America.

Speaking of which, watching the inauguration was truly an eye-opening moment. The people in Trump's crowd were really... average looking. It looked like the people there had just stepped out of a Walmart. You know, the type of people that are a bit too round and might need the aid of scooters to get around. Trump always complained that they never showed his crowds in the tapings of his rallies; maybe it was for his benefit. Ouch, now I'm feeling mean. Trump truly knows how to talk to the common man. They don't call him a populist for nothing.

The only part of his speech that I didn't like was the part that got the most applause. When he said, "We are going to wipe off ISIS from the face of the earth." I have a feeling he said this to rouse up the crowd, but regardless, I'm not a fan of saber-rattling. I think it was more performance than a statement, but still, I could be wrong.

I mean, as CNN put it, "Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do."

Finally, a president who has virtues, right? Someone we can hold to their word. Isn't that what we've been looking for? Someone who doesn't just give empty campaign promises to get elected? Finally, someone we can depend on!

I feel like I'm endorsing him too much. He's probably a terrible person. He's had three different marriages for heaven's sake. So what if his children love him and stick to him like glue? He's most likely an awful family man. But for real, those Trumps stick together so much we basically have an aristocracy now; a Trump Dynasty.

Can I be hopeful for the future? Am I allowed to do this? One side sees a globalist autocracy in the near future and the other sees an impending fascist hegemony. Am I allowed see neither? Am I allowed to be happy? God, what would that be like? People not yelling at each other constantly—that'd be nice. Maybe that makes me a hopeless, utopian idealist.

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