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Music | Portia x 3: Erratic Erotica, The Brobecks, A Cassandra Utterance 

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Portia Early, X96 weekend DJ and host of Live & Local (Sundays, 8-10 p.m.), wants to tell you about three more of her favorite Utah bands and songs.

X96 Live & Local Four is now available with your X96 Freeloader card wherever you see the X96 incident-management vehicle or our new short bus. Yes, you heard me. Get a freeloader card for free at the station in Trolley Corners. There are 20 artists on the fourth installment. Here are three standouts:

Erratic Erotica, “Now That You Know”
There are musicians, and then there are performers. Erratic Erotica falls in the latter category and should be on your must-see list. They’re one of those rock bands whose members seem to have classical backgrounds, or at least listen to a lot of classical music. They are also into David Bowie, Al Green, The Pixies, and Belle and Sebastian, to name only a few influences. I would describe them as a punk Beethoven or a My Chemical Romance for the 17th century. They’ve got a violinist, a magical piano player, and a tight trio of rock performers. “Now That You Know” showcases the best of their talent, but again, I would highly recommend that you see them perform live.

The Brobecks, “2nd Boys Will Be First Choice”
Dallon Weeks is going strong despite the split of his original band last spring. He’s got himself a new, tight lineup with three members instead of four. “2nd Boys” is definitely a Live & Local Four standout. Weeks keeps it real with blunt lyrics that hit home. Weeks also still has a love for the macabre, which helps make the The Brobecks unique. They have a new EP available wherever they perform live, and on their Website. They will be in St. George Nov. 30 at the Electric Theater, then Avalon on Dec. 22 with Last Serenade, For: Fairweather, Signora and my next artist ...

A Cassandra Utterance, “Hey Blue Eyes”
This track from soulful Salt Lake City siblings Kiliona and Malia Palauni caught my ear when a funky, shoegazing, hypnotic synth kicked in about 30 seconds into the piano song. “Hey Blue Eyes.” Every great CD compilation needs at least one cool piano song, right? Malia plays drums as well as synthesizer, and her brother is the piano man. Their full-length album Into The Arms Of The Ocean features several Utah artists that you might recognize including Allred, Tate Law of The Lionelle, Matt Mateus from Hello Amsterdam, and Quiet Color. Personally, I think more bands should collaborate. A Cassandra Utterance will perform at a benefit show Dec. 5 at Riverton High with Allred, and with The Brobecks Dec. 22 at Avalon.

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