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Sammy Rae and The Friends @ The Commonwealth Room 11/3, Genevieve Stokes, Charlie Burg @ Kilby Court 11/4, Super American, Young Culture, Arm's Length, Drusky @ The Beehive 11/5, and more.

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Genevieve Stokes - PRESS PHOTO
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Sammy Rae and The Friends @ The Commonwealth Room 11/3
Sammy Rae and The Friends are stopping in SLC as they release their new jazzy retro pop single, "If It All Goes South." This track features a classical string quartet, bass clarinet and flute, painting a heartwarming picture of a dreamy and lovestruck relationship. A new music video for the track was also released, following two lonely young-at-hearts and their pursuit for love and connection. "The quirky, omnipresent narrator (played by me!) follows them along and encourages their bumping into each other, until they finally collide at a bowling alley," said lead vocalist/songwriter Sammy Rae. "It's a timeless and whimsical love story starring two of the most beautiful retirees in the state of Florida. Moral of this story: It takes courage, patience and luck to find love, but it can happen to anyone. Anywhere." Sammy Rae and The Friends are a diverse collective of musicians, a seven-piece band hailing from Brooklyn. Their sound is a mélange of Sammy's influences, rooted in classic rock, folk, and funk and sprinkled with soul and jazz. Complete with a rhythm section, two saxophones, keyboards and plenty of percussion, Sammy Rae & The Friends have delivered their high-energy, spirited and unrestrained shows to sold-out audiences all over. Catch this eclectic group on Thursday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. Tickets for the 21+ show are $31-$53 and can be found at (Emilee Atkinson)

Genevieve Stokes, Charlie Burg @ Kilby Court 11/4
Gearing up for a new EP this coming January, 21-year-old Genevieve Stokes has released two new singles ahead of an extensive fall tour. Her track "Habits" has gained a lot of traction from platforms like TikTok, and on streaming services. "I wrote 'Habits' in my parents' garage last spring— my favorite time of year to make music. The lyrics are my stream of consciousness, flowing from feelings of self-pity and boredom to my worries about an emotionally turbulent relationship. It's about longing for change after a dark winter," said Stokes. The singer has also taken inspiration and imagery from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the eerie horror movie Midsommar. Her other latest single, "Can I," has similar dark tones. "'Can I' is an outpouring of emotions and fragmented memories, always coming back to the present moment and a sense of deep appreciation for the relationships in my life— no matter how fleeting," she said. Supporting the young pop artist is singer-songwriter Charlie Burg, who's promoting his latest album Infinitely Tall, a newer sound for the young artist. His tone is ever-growing and evolving, with earlier works focusing on an R&B sound. This new work incorporates saxophones and trumpets, and infuses different genres in addition to the R&B he's known for. These two alluring artists will be at Kilby Court on Friday, Nov. 4 at 7 p.m. Tickets for the all-ages show are $15 and can be found at (EA)

Super American, Young Culture, Arm's Length, Drusky @ The Beehive 11/5
For fans of pop punk, indie and alternative rock, this packed show at The Beehive won't be one to miss, as Buffalo natives Super American are one of the headlining acts, promoting their second full-length album SUP. Released in October 2021, SUP is a celebration of fear, and the tongue-in-cheek inversion of it, according to their Bandcamp profile. "Its seams burst with breakneck indie rock, well-caffeinated pop punk, and breezy emo that, at their heart, all prop up a central tension: life is a goddamn incredible miracle, so why do we have to feel so scared and shitty all the time?" Young Culture also have a new EP out this year entitled Whiskey, featuring songs that range from catchy surges of unabashed emotion, to happy-go-lucky lovestruck tunes. Their track "Tattoo" tackles the realities of a relationship gone wrong. "It's a song about anybody that scarred you in a permanent way," said vocalist Alex Magnan. "People can make impressions on your life and it can be permanent, whether that's someone you're in love with or a friend or something. We wrote it in the studio, and I think it really showcases our roots—and it's so Young Culture!" Supporting act Arm's Length are following suit with a new release, Never Before Seen, Never Found Again. Rounding out the show is SLC natives Drusky, with their engaging bubblegrunge sound. This packed bill of artists will be at The Beehive on Saturday, Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. Tickets for the all-ages show are $15 before the show, and $18 the day of. Find tickets at (EA)

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Foals, Inner Wave, Gustaf @ The Complex 11/8
British rock band Foals are touring amid the release of their seventh studio album Life is Yours. This new work is a breath of fresh air for the group after their last project, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, which was released in two parts. The previous albums were about crumbling political systems and climate catastrophes, but Life is Yours focuses on embracing joy in life, especially after the pandemic and quarantine. "Looking High" is a track on the album that's drenched in nostalgia, looking back at the band's early days. "I like to write when I'm traveling, or when I'm out and about in pubs, in direct contact with the world," said vocalist/guitarist Yannis Philippakis. "Obviously, when everything went quiet, I wasn't getting any of that, but I didn't want to write a dark, introverted pandemic record," he told BBC News. "So what was left for me was to try and access places in the past and use the songs as a kind of transporter—looking back to our early 20s and random nights out and the start of the band." Supporting the British band are L.A. natives Inner Wave, which released their latest album Apoptosis in September 2021. Vocalist/guitarist Pablo Sotelo broke down the emotional origins of the album on their Bandcamp: "This album has a lot of recurring themes about rebirth, longing for others, nature and love," he said. "[It] was recorded onto tape, which is a first for us. Half the album was played live in a room with the band, the other half was recorded alone by me during quarantine when I had COVID." Foals and Inner Wave play The Complex on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets for the all-ages show are $35 and can be found at (EA)

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  • Echosmith

Echosmith, Lostboycrow, Band of Silver @ Soundwell 11/9
Well known for their multi-platinum hit "Cool Kids," Echosmith are out on tour promoting their latest single, "Gelato," which ushers in a new sound for the trio of siblings. "This whole new era is based on being completely open about who we are, as opposed to presenting a surface-level version of that," said lead singer Sydney. "We gave ourselves permission to explore and be creative in a way that we'd never been before, and to write without worrying about being the most perfect, clean versions of ourselves." Along with this new single, the group has also released an updated version of their popular 2013 release, entitled "Cool Kids (Our Version)." A decade later, the song's message of self-acceptance and self-love is just as important as when it was first released, especially as issues like bullying, the pressure to fit in and the impact of social media on young minds continue to be at the forefront of our culture. "Cool Kids (Our Version)" follows the release of the single "Hang Around," which kicked off a new musical era for Echosmith. Their new creative period is both a sonic shift and a return to their roots as they stripped back the pop polish, embraced their true indie spirit and took an alt-pop direction that best represents the original musical heart of the band. Joining Echosmith are pop artist Lostboycrow and indie-rockers Band of Silver. Catch these acts at Soundwell on Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. Tickets for the all-ages show are $25, Echosmith are also offering VIP packages for $80. Find tickets at (EA)

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