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Music Picks Feb. 28-March 5 | Live: Bone, Thugs N Harmony, Pseudo Recordings,Top Dead Celebrity, Guttermouth, Crescent Moon String Band 

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Thursday 2.28
The ’90s are truly back—let the nostalgia continue! We’re just glad this lovable group of Ohio rappers didn’t end up on a one-off reality TV series with Gary Coleman, Dr. Drew or, worse, Bret Michaels. Of course, Bone, Thugs N Harmony saw their share of strife, as evidenced by one member’s current tenure at a California state prison and the severed ties with the rabble-rousing Bizzy Bone. Most recently, the whittled-down crew was denied entry into Canada. But they keep trucking on, not yet ready to stand at “Tha Crossroads.” Speaking of which, the jury is out as to whether BTNH’s new material rivals the appeal of earlier hits. We say, take it to the streets with a fresh subwoofer. Check out its effect on the random populace, because everyone loves a little “Ist of Tha Month,” but can you say the same about “I Tried?” Great Saltair, 12408 W. Saltair Dr., 8 p.m. All-ages. Tickets:

Also Thursday: Joshua Radin, Ingrid Michaelsen (In the Venue); The Future of The Ghost (Kilby Court); L.A. Guns (Club Vegas); Psychostick (Club NVO, Logan); Egan’s Theory, Quasi-Stellar Radio (Velour, Provo); Bobby Valentino (Harry O’s, Park City)

Friday 2.29
Ryan Workman doesn’t run Pseudo Recordings to pay the bills—yet. As owner/operator of one of Salt Lake City’s longest running record labels, he juggles a full-time day job with such glamorous, self-imposed duties as promotions, merch-table construction/design, schmoozing, wheeling and dealing. In such, for the past five years, he’s sacrificed “normal” eating habits and a “normal” dating life for the pure, honest love of music—local bands to be exact. “Whether or not I’ve made a significant difference with the careers of any of these groups is not for me to say. I’d like to say ‘yes’ to a small extent, but you’d have to ask them,” Workman says. Meanwhile, the Pseudo leader has his sights set ahead, with plans to release Andale!’s debut full-length, a Blackhole/Madraso split 7-inch, The Wolfs full-length LP (most likely vinyl), and a “best of” compilation CD. Celebrate cinco golden years with performances by the latest additions to Workman’s Pseudo family Cub Country, ¡Andale! and Cavedoll. And buy the man a drink! The Urban Lounge, 241 S. 500 East, 10 p.m. Info: 746-0557

According to Forbes, Elvis Presley is the top-earning dead celebrity, followed by John Lennon and Charles “Peanuts” Schultz. Not surprising, really. What’s not to love about rock & roll and cartoons? Salt Lake City’s Top Dead Celebrity understand the appeal, and while the heavy rockers are not currently close to earning even half of Presley’s post-mortem income, in this shining hour they’re kings among men. Tonight, Top Dead Celebrity officially unleash their self-titled full-length on Exigent Records, a punishing album full of tasty licks and maniacal vocals delivered in a drooling cadence so that “We shoot idiots,” for example, sounds like “We shewwwwwwt eeyyedeeahhts!” At times, the howls mellow some, even drifting into savage, throaty Mark Lanegan territory as on “The Animal,” an epic 11-minute track that leaps from spare bass lines to one devilish climatic whirl. The Broken Record, 1051 S. 300 West, 10 p.m. Info: 532-4775

Also Friday: Songs From the Rodeo, Laughter, Behold, Gaza (Red Light Books); Swamp Donkeys, Bloodworm, Tough Tittie (Burt’s Tiki Lounge); Elephante (Woodshed); Black-Eyed Susan (Brewskis, Ogden); Band of Annuals, The John Whites (Velour, Provo)

Saturday 3.1
Gregory Isaacs (Paladium); The Supersuckers (Bar Deluxe); Iota (Burt’s Tiki Lounge); Seperation of Self, I Am the Ocean (Club Vegas); Victim Effect (Velour, Provo), DJ AM (Harry O’s)

Sunday 3.2
Love ’em or hate ’em, self-described miscreants Guttermouth have at the very least remained consistent throughout the years. Raised on the mean streets of Orange County, the irreverent punks have been churning out timeless, if not juvenile and stomach-churning, ditties since the late ‘80s—and they’re catchy as ever. Who can forget such cult favorites as “Lipstick,” in which lead singer Mark Adkins rails on his jailbird mom (“Let her rot there in her cell/ I watch the dogs mate on her bed”) or “Asshole,” in which everyone lives up to the song’s title? Guttermouth’s latest release Shave the Planet (2007) evidences continued passion for politically incorrect narratives, detailing in spastic, explosive segments such items of intrigue as chubby chasers/Newport sweater fat, chemical imbalance and Steve McQueen. If you’re easily insulted, consider this: “PC rhymes with FCC, but also with stupidity.” Bar Deluxe, 666 S. State, 10 p.m. Info: 521-5255

It’ll be hard to sit still when Crescent Moon String Band holds court tonight as part of the Folk Vespers concert series. The Wyoming-based four-piece typically tears off the roof—or tent, as they often play street fairs and outdoor festivals—with fine fiddle-fueled jams that inspire impromptu do-si-dos from even the most curmudgeonly types. Formed on a whim, Crescent Moon’s seasoned members don’t take their craft too seriously, instead bringing a playful element to each batch of bluegrass, newgrass, country and blues material they develop from week to week. So grab your partner and … First Unitarian Church, 569 S. 1300 East, 7:30 p.m. All-ages. Tickets: 582-8687

Monday 3.3
Lifehouse (The Depot); Audreye Sessions, A Film in the Ballroom, The Lionelle (Kilby Court)

Tuesday 3.4
Angels & Airwaves (In the Venue); Agent Orange (Bar Deluxe); The Body, Roots Evolution (Burt’s Tiki Lounge); Clutch (The Depot)

Wednesday 3.5
W.A.S.P. (Club Vegas—see Music); Slim Cessna’s Auto Club (Urban Lounge); Banyan (Paladium); EOTO (Star Bar, Park City)

Coming Up
Holy Fuck, A Place to Bury Strangers (Urban Lounge, March 6); Matchbox Twenty (E Center, March 6); Voodoo Glowskulls (Burt’s Tiki Lounge, March 6); Earth Crisis (Club NVO, March 7); Robben Ford, Larry Carlton (The Depot, March 7); The Vandals (March 7, In the Venue); Mury, Broke City (Velour, March 8); Brother Ali (Kilby Court & Urban Lounge, March 8); Gogol Bordello (Paladium, March 8); Young Dubliners (The Depot, March 8); Linkin Park, Coheed & Cambria (E Center, March 8); Living Legends (Kilby Court, March 9); Winger (Club Vegas, March 10); The Helio Sequence (Kilby Court, March 10); Xiu Xiu, Thao Nguyen (Urban Lounge, March 10)

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