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Moving Gaily Forward 

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A lot has happened since November. We all remember the legislative defeats for the LGBT community and the outrage and rallies that erupted from it.

Fast forward to today: Massachusetts and Connecticut already allowed marriage for same-sex couples. Iowa’s Supreme Court voted unanimously to allow marriage for same-sex couples, making it the first non-coastal state to allow it. Vermont’s legislators not only voted to allow marriage for same-sex couples, but also overrode the governor’s veto to make it law. The state senates in both New Hampshire and Maine have voted to allow marriage for same-sex couples, and the New York Assembly approved a similar measure May 13.

The U.S. House of Representatives also approved the Matthew Shepherd Act, and President Obama is urging the Senate to approve it as well. Both houses are also expected to hear and vote on ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that would prevent the LGBT community from being fired merely for their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Our nation is moving towards inclusiveness and equality. Throughout history, our moral conscience has moved us to abolish slavery, allow women to vote, end legalized segregation and allow interracial marriage. Our nation is again moving to end another injustice: LGBT discrimination.

This isn’t a religious matter, and it shouldn’t be. It is a civil matter. I wonder when Utah will support civil rights for all of its citizens. But the question is, when will you?

Jacob Whipple
Salt Lake City

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