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More Champagne Secrets 

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After reading the Aug. 13 Drinks article entitled “Champagne Secrets,” I believe that City Weekly readers should be informed that Francis Fecteau’s columns are not unbiased. The two bottle shots featured in the article are both for Champagnes he represents, while the four Grandes Marques producers he puts down are not.

His representation of these houses as “industrial producers” is not wholly accurate, as Champagne Louis Roederer grows over two-thirds of the grapes needed for its wines in the 500-plus acres it owns and farms.

Please note in future articles that Fecteau is a broker and is promoting brands from his portfolio, and that the columns he writes are promoting his brands and are not solely informative.

Kristian Jelm
Salt Lake City

Editor’s Note: While it is true that Francis Fecteau is a Salt Lake City wine broker who writes about a variety of wines—not exclusively those he represents—the photos in the Drink column were selected by City Weekly staff with no input from Fecteau. We’ll be more careful in the future.

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