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Mitt's Religion 

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Is Mitt Romney’s religion a help or hindrance in his presidential race? Would yours be?

Scott Renshaw: I belong to a church that includes pagans, openly transgender people and atheists. So that would not be a problem at all, provided I were running for office in San Francisco, or perhaps Sweden.

Paula Saltas: I don’t think non-Mormons outside of Utah understand what the Book of Mormon and all their beliefs is all about, so they are viewing Mitt Romney “different.” I say the United States is not ready for a Mormon president. If a Greek ran for president, they for sure would win, as he/she would promise free ouzo for all the people.

Jeff Reese: It will definitely help him by almost ensuring he gets the majority of the Mormon vote, but I think it really hurts him with the people who are not LDS. It doesn’t seem like there are enough Mormons to bring him into office, but their religion is definitely growing quickly.

Dan Nailen: Obviously it’s a hindrance since we’re talking about Mitt’s cult background instead of his shit-eating grin or the perfect coiffure hiding his horns.

Cody Winget: No, I don’t think his religion should be a hindrance, but I do think it will be. And mine would be, too; people get freaked out when you don’t believe in anything. I’m not an atheist, because that’s not proven true either. It’s all a matter of faith and I have none.

Rachel Piper: Mormons are Christians, end of story. It shouldn’t matter in the election, but it will. The “vote the platform, not the person” philosophy is just a fantasy.

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