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Media vs. Your Enemies 

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What media personality would you send your worst enemy to spend their last waking hour with?

Nick Clark: I would say Ann Coulter, except that my worst enemies would probably enjoy that, so perhaps … Rachael Ray?

Jennifer Nixon: As Keith Olbermann’s No. 1 fan, I’d have to say Bill O’Reilly! I freakin’ hate that guy. An hour with him is the worst possible thing I could wish on someone. You have been warned …

Jeff Reese: Well, if I wanted to show them the light before they bit the dust, I would send them to Jon Stewart.

Brandon Burt: I don’t think I have any archenemies—at least nobody upon whom I would wish a horrible death and an hour with National Review editor Rich Lowry.

Lara Grant: I’ve gotta say Rush Limbaugh for this one … though I almost feel bad for this worst enemy of mine, because I’m sure whatever he/she could ever do to me could never ever actually deserve such end-of-life torment! At least it’d all be over soon, right? But, yeah, I can honestly think of nothing worse than being forced to listen to the king of Rethuglican pigs bray and bellow on for a whole 60 minutes ... shiver.

Annie Quan: Bill Maher. I figure if they’re my worst enemy they’re probably a religious right wingnut who couldn’t stand Maher’s condescending ways.

Matt Engle: Anybody on Fox News channel … especially O’Reilly!

Jeremiah Smith: Barbara Walters. Her voice would send anyone into hysterics. I am quite surprised more of her guests haven’t left the studio screaming in anguish.

Bryan Bale: I personally hope I never have to spend time with the likes of Sean Hannity or Karl Rove. I wouldn’t wish that even on my worst enemy.

Ted Scheffler: Jeez, that’s a tough one. Hard to choose between Rush Limbaugh and Geraldo Rivera. I’d send both of those bastards.

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