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Mayor Becker's New Cop Shop 

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Mayor Becker wants to build a new cop shop on Library Square. Good idea?

Joe Chepolis: Is he going to sign on Gehry, Koolhaas or Calatrava to design it? No? Then, no.

Nick Clark: Why not keep the good-looking parts of downtown good-looking? I know of a couple of downtown holes where the police can go.

Brandon Burt: If the cops become librarians, does that mean the librarians will take over police work? They’ll be shushing with authority! I love the idea of Mari Parsons from the Main Library out there busting heads and taking names …

Ted Scheffler: There’s gotta be a better way of keeping overdue books in check.

Jamie Gadette: I keep waiting for Becker to wow me, but thanks to proposals like this, I’m starting to really miss Rocky.

James Burnitt: That’s a horrible idea! While it may be good-intentioned, the image of a police station is a symbol of oppression and control. Library Square should be about freedom, accessibility and openness.

Bill Frost: Did we learn nothing from the classic 1993 Stallone flick Demolition Man? Cop shops in civil settings are ineffective. Think Robocop—go industrial area.

Susan Kruithof: I also heard Becker was considering some housing on Library Square. Why not take one of the only nicely planned areas with a beautiful building and screw it up? Seems like the Salt Lake City government is determined to ruin every downtown space. Brilliant!

Paula Saltas: As long as I can get all of my cop shopping done in one convenient place at low, low prices, I’m all for it!

Doug Kruithof: Hmm … not sure if the Halloween rental season would be substantial enough to make a store of this nature viable year round. I guess it’d be worth experimenting with our tax dollars.

Derek Jones: May I assume they’ll be sticking with the same dingy, ’70s fortress design as the current police headquarters on 200 South? If so, then I’m all for it.

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