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Make Mine "Medium Ice" 

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I want to thank John Rasmuson for “Wicked Brew” (Jan. 31, City Weekly). I am a dyed-in-colonial-blue Yankee transplant, having been here 3 1/2 years now.

When I first heard that Dunkin’ Donuts might be opening in Utah, I practically cartwheeled across the living room. In most places on the East Coast, you can give traffic directions to folks by referencing the nearest DD.

In addition to the donuts, DD offers sandwiches, bagels and muffins. But, oh, the donuts! If we are lucky enough to have a bakery attached to the store, there is a greater variety of donuts, and you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who could lay fault with the choices.

A few years ago, in a typical nor’easter winter storm, power was knocked out to thousands in one Massachusetts area. A single DD store had power. Thousands found out and lined up for coffee and food. We all grinned at the images on the television screen, and blessed the Yankee ingenuity that must have kept the store open.

At DD, a “medium ice” means “a medium iced coffee with cream and sugar. Years ago while visiting Washington, D.C., I went into a Starbucks on a summer day looking for an iced coffee. When I asked the barista for a medium ice, she gave me a cup of ice and a very puzzled look! I am hoping that my fellow countrymen come on out here to train the new folks on coffee jargon.

I long to say the following, in the words of my people, “Makin’ a Dunkins run for a cuppa joe. Wanna go in the cah with me?”

Now, if only I could get a local store to sell Skybar candy bars …


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