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Main Street Date With Becker 

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Where would you take Mayor Ralph Becker for lunch on Main Street?

Derek Carlisle: Royal Eatery for breakfast, an afternoon beer at Cheers to You, and finish with a piano-accompanied version of “How am I Gonna Pay for This Jaywalking Ticket” at Keys on Main.

Scott Renshaw: Anywhere where his seat has a view of our lovely chess table/opium den.

Susan Kruithof:
The Beerhive.  They serve food from Michangelo next store—I’d highly recommend the lamb ribs.  And there are more beer offerings than you can shake a stick at. Once I have Mayor Becker good and lubricated with some delicious Epic beer, we could take a nice stroll down Main.

Dan Nailen: The Bayleaf Bar & Grub, because the Main Street juggalos won’t bother us on that block, the Trash Plate is one mean breakfast and, well, it’s a bar. Becker’s buying, right?

Jeff Reese: I would take him to Pier 49 Pizza and have him sit with me at the chess tables in front of City Weekly. They attract the finest of people.

James Canterbury: I would pack a nice picnic lunch and dine at the table right in front of the City Weekly door. I want him to get the full experience of the regulars who dine at that table—preferably on a nice breezy day so he can capture all of the aromas that Main Street has to offer.

Rachel Piper: The Melting Pot. I can’t afford that place on my own—I’m assuming he’d be a gentleman and reach for the bill.

Austen Diamond: Here’s a 2-liter of Faygo, a family-size bag of Cheetos and a pack of Marlboro Reds. Now hang out on the curb outside of A.J.’s, and good luck to ya—you might just make some new voters.

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