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Machete, Big Love, Case 39, Catfish, Dinner for Schmucks 

New DVD releases Tuesday, Jan. 4

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Machete - FOX

In the best movie of 2010, vigilante Machete (Danny Trejo) kills every man, beds every woman and blows the immigration debate to hell. If that’s not enough, Machete also reunites Nash Bridges’ Don Johnson and Cheech Marin!

Big Love: Season 4
More crazy storylines! Fewer episodes! Margene becomes a home-shopping queen, the ghost of Roman Grant drops in, and Bill launches a Mormon casino (!) and a bid for the Utah Senate (!!). Oh, and he also knocks up a non-wife.

Case 39
A social-services worker (Renee Zellweger) and a detective (Ian McShane) attempt to remove a child from an abusive home, only to be thwarted by evil supernatural forces and Zellweger’s squinty little gopher eyes. Boo!

A photographer begins a Facebook relationship with a seemingly normal family, only to learn that—wait for it—things are not what they seem. Also, his brother is filming the process for this “documentary.” Riiight.

Dinner for Schmucks
Corporate climber Tim (Paul Rudd) has to find a weirdo to bring to impress his boss at a “Dinner for Extraordinary People,” and conveniently runs into/over Barry (Steve Carell), who dresses up dead mice. Riiight.

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