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Loving and liking on State Street

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Cover Story, Aug. 18, "The State Street Issue"
I worked at KCPX on Social Hall for many years; both TV and Radio. Social Hall Avenue was the turnaround street for dragging State. We'd often roll a camera out the big door on Friday nights and tape the passersby. KCPX AM was very popular in the cars.

Another memory has a friend that used to drive the semi for the local ballet. One Saturday night, he decided to drag State in just the tractor. Met someone at the light, took that diesel up to 3500 rpm, popped the clutch and laid rubber across 600 South. And got caught and cited for "competition acceleration."
Klay Anderson
Salt Lake City

Loved your issue about the history and diversity on SLC's State Street.
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We might not be in this week's issue of @slcweekly but we are in an old building on #statestreet and that's pretty cool.
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Y'all have been killing it with the covers lately.
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Very creative.
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Cover Story, Aug. 18, "A River Runs Through It"
I remember this! I was 10 and it's remained one of my most vivid memories. As a kid, that stuff was a blast!
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News, Aug. 18, "Fire Starter"
And ... when are these a**holes going to get prosecuted?! It's ridiculous thinking that a simple resignation should be acceptable; hold them both accountable for every single penny spent on their luxury travel, meals and electronics.
Nate Sorensen
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"All told, Jensen, who is seeking his fifth four-year term" with SLC council. Voters: Pay attention and read the article. Sickening.
Laura Jean
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This is nothing compared to the bullshit going on over at Utah Retirement Systems ...
Daniel Congram
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Nice of Councilman Jensen to award himself all those bonuses. This is why we have conflict of issue policies, isn't it??
Ed Tallerico
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All while a report comes out saying our teachers are in the lowest paid out of the 50 states. What a joke, same thing happened with the UTA director whom gave himself outrageous bonuses.
Mike Johnson
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This is why taxes are so freaking high!
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Terrible salary for a fire chief. Can you blame him[?]
Alan Clark
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Terrible actions for a fire chief. I can blame just fine.
Dominick Caputo
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Jail him and hold him accountable.
Robert Jensen
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This corruption is so common in New York it never makes the press.
Bruce Townsend
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Opinion, Aug. 11, "Big 12 Bitter"
I enjoyed Mr. Saltas' Private Eye essay, "Big 12 Bitter" and the parallel Staff Box column "What is Utah's most divisive issue?"

It is refreshing to review matters that are perceived to be the most important ... the watershed issues in a particular community. It is telling, however, that the most frequently cited issues in Utah are petty ones: football conference worthiness, Sunday yard work and red wine vinegar.

Meanwhile, the larger questions remain largely untreated: whether to sit down and shut up, or stand up and protest; whether to eat fast food or slow food; whether porn lifts the human spirit or crushes it; whether salvation is in the next life or this life; whether rule of law is outdated or still highly relevant. Mention of such issues rattles big cages, true, but why not shake, rattle and roll?
Robert Kimball Shinkoskey
Woods Cross

Praising prosecco
Thank you, Ted, for the informative article about Italian prosecco wines [Drink, Aug. 11, City Weekly]. Here is something for you about "indigenous" Prosecco. We received a bottle of it from a friend, and we really like it and what it represents. From the back label: "Be genuine. Show kindness. Eat from the earth. Stay grounded. Drink wines that are native to their lands. Made by farmers. Carefully. Naturally. Slowly. By hand. Treat yourself." "Selected by Giorgio Rivelli." Good advice
Tod Young

Restaurant review, Aug. 18, The Bayou
AND they have excellent food. Everything on the menu rocks. Great food, great beer. No wonder they do so well!
Jared Meadors
Via Facebook

Jared, their food and service is horrendous. One of the worst places in town people go for the beer. Everyone knows that the food sucks. Try going at any lunch time ... dead, dead, dead.
Robert Jensen
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