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Losing Locals 

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I just finished reading “Three for the Money” [March 22, City Weekly], and I, too, had a designer clothing store in Trolley Square from 1998 to 2007. I saw management change, tenants come and go, and the final straw: a 400 percent rent increase five days after the shooting. Really?

What made Trolley Square unique and great was all the locally owned stores that were run out after new management took over. Six months ago, I revisited the newly remodeled Trolley Square. It still remains empty of shoppers and tenants.

By chance, I ran into the leasing agent in Daghlian Rug store and told him my history with Trolley Square. He agreed that local business would be great, but that management is focused on national chain stores because they are the ones who can afford the rent. Wow! With City Creek and Gateway already ahead on the nationwide chains, wouldn’t you think Trolley Square would be smart and focus on us locals?

I will always love Trolley Square and miss my boutique and customers; hopefully, they will have a change of heart. All the management needs to do is walk Trolley and notice there are no shoppers, and parking is still a big problem. Don’t they get it?

Vida Allahverdi
Studio V2 Designer Clothing Store

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