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Lockout Thoughts 

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What’s your opinion of the NBA lockout?

Bryan Bale:
I’m inclined to let them cancel the season. If the owners and players can’t agree on how to split the profits, none of them will make any money. I’d call that poetic justice.

Scott Renshaw:
I intend to be a living example that “the market has changed” by being a lifelong basketball fan who is officially telling the NBA, now and forever, to blow me.

Paula Saltas: I blame the greedy jerks on both sides of the negotiation table. I feel sympathy toward the little guys who depend on the game nights: restaurant owners, cabbies, EnergySolutions Arena workers, etc.

John Paul Brophy: The NFL, which is far more popular and generates far more revenue, managed to come to terms in its league/player negotiations. The NBA needs to use that plan. Period.

Rachel Scott: With everything that’s going on in our country and the world lately, whether the NBA cancels the Jazz season or not is not exactly on my list of things that I even remotely care about.

Susan Kruithof: I could give a rat’s ass about the NBA. College hoops is where it’s at. Go IU!

Dan Nailen: I don’t care about the players or the owners, but I’m bummed for the workers in NBA cities whose livelihood depends on the games. I prefer college hoops anyway.

Pete Saltas: The way both sides are behaving, I could care less for the NBA. I blame the players. Saying they feel oppressed by the owners, comparing themselves to slaves—are they out of their f—king minds? I feel for the small-business owners going to be adversely affected by not having a season.

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