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Local Gift Guide 2014 

Picks from Utah's fabulous shops to fulfill every holiday wish

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Trixie & Milo Flasks, $29.95
Inspired by vintage advertising graphics, this Portland, Ore., husband & wife duo create flashy flasks for every taste under the sun and everyone on your holiday gift list: cowboys, roller-derby girls, disenfranchised 20-somethings, unicorn lovers, even heavy drinkers who need a different flask for each liquor.
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Cahoots, 878 E. 900 South, Salt Lake City, 801-538-0606

Gurgle Pot, $5.99-$39.99
The sophisticated lines of these fish pitchers belie their dinnertime antics. When used to pour, the pot makes a loud, goofy gurgling sound that'll break the ice on even the stiffest table.
Evergreen Framing Co. & Gallery Inc., 3295 S. 2000 East, Salt Lake City, 801-467-8770, EvergreenGallery.com

WWII Deco Frames, $9
Originally exchanged between sweethearts during World War II, these tiny art deco picture frames can provide a colorful way to display the multitude of nephews' and nieces' school pictures—or a not-too-narcissistic way of giving your own photo to a loved one with a special message.
CG Sparks, 454 S. 500 West, Salt Lake City, 801-519-6900, CGSparks.com

My Little Pony Bags, $59.95
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Give your favorite '80s-born gal the chance to reclaim her rightful ownership of the My Little Pony pop-culture phenomenon, whether she prefers Ponyland or Equestria (er, you should probably ask her). These faux-leather bags feature an all-over pony print small enough to keep the bag just on the grown-up side of fun novelty.
Cabin Fever, Trolley Square, 602 E. 500 South, Salt Lake City, 801-363-0828, CabinFeverCards.com

Crazy Crewnecks, $59
These print-on-demand sweaters (and tanks, and adult onesies, and blankets, and socks ...) are made by a Utah company, but have made it around the world thanks to the adoration of celebrities like Katy Perry. There's a Beloved crewneck sweater for everyone on your Christmas list—from Cousin Tanya, who'll rock a Nicolas Cage-inspired crewneck with an ironic smile, to Uncle Dale, who'll be tickled pink to express his earnest love of space llamas.

Orange Onyx, $10-$60
Hanna Utah calcite—also known simply as orange onyx or honeycomb onyx—is found only in the Uinta mountains and, according to legend, has the power to soothe the mind. Well, there's no doubt that the bright, translucent stone—which looks like it's made out of orange segments—has the power to beautify the home or office in the form of carved wine holders, candle covers and canisters. Quarry Orphans—left-behind pieces of the onyx—provide companionship and good luck, and come complete with names and genders, like more grown-up versions of Cabbage Patch Kids.
One World Gifts & Gallery, 2166 S. Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-203-0568, OneWorldGiftsAndGallery.com

Teapots, $275-$350
No one collects coffee pots, but teapots' design and form have transcended their function—which is why tea lovers often end up with more teapots than they can possibly use. Well, since these teapots aren't designed for use, there's no reason not to add one to the shelf of a tea lover.
TeaZaanti, 1324 S. 1100 East, Salt Lake City, 801-906-8132, TeaZaanti.com

Fullgive Leather Laptop Bag, $399+
He's gotten by since high school with the same scruffy backpack, but now that he's got a real job, shoving laptop and papers willy-nilly into his bag isn't going to cut it. This one-of-a-kind leather bag, dyed by hand in Salt Lake City, will instantly bump him up a few notches on the office totem pole—both for his new city-slicker style and his mad organization skills, made possible by the bag's inner wool-felt pockets.

Free People Vaughn Crochet Boots, $178
With their sturdy leather construction and crochet lace trim, these Victorian-style ankle boots are up for any situation, from running errands to the center of London to pairing with a vintage dress for a beautifully bohemian afternoon of lounging in the garden.
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The Children's Hour, 898 S. 900 East, Salt Lake City, 801-359-4150, ChildrensHourBookstore.com

Matryoshka Pepper Grinder, $29.95
According to statistics, 99 percent of engaged couples put a pricy stainless-steel pepper grinder on their wedding registry, and 99 percent of those couples don't know why they need someone to buy one for them, nor can they justify why everything on their registry is stainless steel. So, if you're going to drop dough on a pepper grinder, it might as well be one that's fun to look at.
Cahoots, 878 E. 900 South, Salt Lake City, 801-538-0606

Invisible Bookshelves, $19
Book lovers have it rough: epic series with no resolution in sight, not enough time to read all the books they want, and far from enough space to store all of their beloved tomes. You can help a friend with that last problem, at least. Umbra's Conceal shelf is an ingenious way to manage many books—up to 20 pounds per shelf—and adds a touch of mystery to the wall, as the books look as though they're floating in the air thanks to a tricky clip that makes one of the stacked books its base.
Two Dancing Cats, 1790 S. 1100 East, Salt Lake City, 801-485-0554

The Man Barber Aftershave, $10
The Man Barber in Provo gets rave reviews for its classic haircuts and straight-razor shaves. Every service comes with a splash of The Man Barber's signature aftershave, which well-coiffured gents can now also get at home, packaged in a corked bottle that'll add beauty and class to the morning routine.
Unhinged, 2165 S. Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, 801-467-6588; 16 W. Center St., Provo, 385-312-1268, UnhingedSLC.com

Motivational Blame Sign, $10.95
That "Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake" and "Wish It, Dream It, Do It" stuff is just not going to cut it: She's stuck in a job with horrible co-workers, and her family situation is straight out of Arrested Development. Short of taking out a hit, the only way to help the situation is to let her know that you understand and remind her that she's not the problem with this cheery wooden sign bearing the motto "It's not you, it's them."
Hip & Humble, multiple locations, HipAndHumble.com

The Sherlock Holmes School of Self-Defense, $12
Sherlock Holmes knew he couldn't rely just on his lightning-quick mind to solve crimes and fight scoundrels. He also employed a self-defense method that was all the rage in Victorian England, and those tricks have been preserved through time so that the amateur sleuth in your life can learn to overcome assailants with the aid of their coat, cane, umbrella or even bicycle.
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Tabula Rasa, Trolley Square, 602 E. 500 South, Salt Lake City, 801-575-5043, TabulaRasaStationers.com

Knitty Kitty Winter Underwear, $26.99
Though they're probably not the kind of thing Grandma would churn out with her needles, knitted panties do exist. Made with super-soft yarn, they might help your always-chilly significant other stay warm—but the fun patterns will make her look so cozy-sexy that you'll be tempted to blast the heat so that she'll strip down to her skivvies.
Blue Boutique, multiple locations, BlueBoutique.com

Bug-A-Salt, $39.95
Know someone who can't sleep after they see a spider or fly out of the corner of their eye? Give them peace of mind with this salt gun, which kills bugs of all kinds without damaging windows or walls. The salt won't splat the bug, so there's no gory mess—just glory.
Planet Fun, Clark Planetarium, 110 S. 400 West, Salt Lake City, 801-456-7827, ClarkPlanetarium.org

NBA Socks, $16
The perfect accessory for a summertime pickup game (short shorts required) or a winter indoors playing NBA Jam, these socks honor NBA greats like Hakeem Olajuwon, Larry Bird, Shaq and, of course, Stockton and Malone (who come as a pair, natch).
FICE Gallery, 160 E. 200 South, Salt Lake City, 801-364-4722, FICEGallery.com

Sugar House Libations, $20
Your friend paid a pretty penny for top-shelf bourbon—then mixed it with a store-brand mixer, defeating the whole purpose. Open the door to a bright new world of cocktails and fancy virgin drinks with a pretty bottle of Sugar House Libations syrup, infused with high-quality ingredients like local fruit and herbs—no high-fructose corn syrup here. Each bottle comes with a booklet of recipes, so he can create taste-bud-tickling masterpieces with that pear-ginger or strawberry-thyme syrup in time for Christmas cocktail hour.
Mod a-go-go, 242 E. South Temple, Salt Lake City, 801-355-3334, Modagogo.com

Local Lounge Furniture, $70
Now she can feel like she's on her honorary stool at her favorite Utah bar even when she's at home in front of the TV. Upholstered with a colorful collage of photographs by local artist Stephanie Swift—aka Pretty Little Pixel—the chair pays homage to bars and music venues of the past and present like DV8, Port O' Call, Zephyr Club and Bongo. A matching TV tray featuring the Cotton Bottom's sign is also available—garlic burger not included.
Evergreen Framing Co. & Gallery Inc., 3295 S. 2000 East, Salt Lake City, 801-467-8770, EvergreenGallery.com

Coasters, $25/4
These unicorns and cats certainly have impressive mystical powers—harness them to save a coffee table from water stains, or from the boringness of blah, colorless coasters.
Iconoclad, 414 E. 300 South, Salt Lake City, 801-833-2272, Facebook.com/Iconoclad

Kinetic Sand, $18
You had to sell the private jet and the beach villa, but when work stress gets him down, he can still enjoy some of the relaxing benefits of your past South American vacations with a few pounds of mesmerizing kinetic sand. Made from 98 percent real sand plus a secret binding ingredient, kinetic sand doesn't spread, clumps together, isn't sticky and can be used to create mess-free desktop sandcastles.
The Gilded Branch, 2327 E. 3300 South, Salt Lake City, 801-759-4160

Slim Leather Wallet, $35
Yeah, she likes to go out and party without a big bag weighing her down—but her inner organizational freak can't stand dealing with the clutch-created mess of crumpled bills and loose credit cards and I.D. These leather wallets, available in a rainbow of vibrant colors, keep cards and cash secure and snug and are slim enough to fit into skinny jeans or the tiniest of clutches. The only mess will be from the broken hearts she leaves on the dance floor.

Fancy Camera Mug, $15.99
He sunk all his money into fancy camera gear in 2010—trouble is, so did everyone else, and that engagement-session work doesn't pay the bills like he thought it would. At least this travel mug that looks like a fancy camera lens will help him save face until the day he can again afford to buy fair-trade coffeehouse coffee.
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Got Beauty, 900 E. 2100 South, Salt Lake City, 801-474-2090, GotBeauty.com

Owl Stack Mugs, $29.95
You'll truly fulfill the definition of a housewarming gift when you show up to a holiday party with this set of four bright owl mugs. They're ready to do double duty as vessels for soul-warming beverages and as a whimsical piece of kitchen décor, as they form a full image when stacked.
Hip & Humble, multiple locations, HipAndHumble.com

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