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Now that the Tribune has left for The Gateway and will no longer be fouling our air at Murphy’s or Monk’s, can you give them some heartfelt suggestions as to where they can now hang out or nosh?

Ben Fulton: Everyone who’s ever ventured inside an American shopping mall knows a Starbucks can’t be far away. Without coffee I doubt the media would even exist.

Jamie Gadette: A replacement for Murphy’s or Monk’s at The Gateway? Unlikely. They’re better off seeking enlightenment at Abercrombie or Gap.

Zachary Scott: I think they should continue to darken Monk’s and Murphy’s with their presence and wonder silently to themselves why they, like so many others, ever left Main Street.

Cassius Seeley: I think they should all go to Mel’s Diner. I am sure Flo would even tell them to kiss her grits.

Peter Shultz: Three words: Ben & Jerry’s.

John Reseska: Eat at all of Gateway’s restaurants—they are all good. Drink the Margarita’s at Z’Tejas, the Sake at Happy Sumo, and go for beers and sports at Sky Box.

Haigen Pearson: Der Wienerschnitzel is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Jared vanAarle: Congrats to the folks at the Trib. Now they can go to all the trendy places to shop and eat. Main Street is our territory now. It can be like West Side Story.

Bill Frost: I hear Z’Tejas makes a mean margarita—not a very newspaper-person drink, but it’ll get the job done. Then it’s just a short stumble to pass out at the bean-bag shop, perfect.

Susan Kruithof: Well, it is a fine place for them to be, the Beigeway. Walk into The Gateway and you’ve entered Anywhere USA. Read the Tribune and it’s like reading any other flavorless daily rag. It’s good to be on Main.

Ann Poore: They could drop in and see us here at City Weekly. We almost always have a bottle open and a beer in the fridge. At least we do before lunch.

Paula Saltas: Too bad the Giant Colon is gone. That would be a great place for them to have lunch.

Kristen Burke: If they’re in the mood for a nice tease in their dining establishments they could be served up by the “Hooters of Sushi,” at Happy Sumo. Or they can get drunk at the Sky Box and play table hockey.

Amber McNeil: I don’t care where they hang out. I hear the fountain at Gateway is fun to splash in with no shoes on. That Heather May, though, she’s a good egg and can stay at Monk’s.

Jerre Wroble: The Megaplex 12, natch. What better place for writers on deadline to hide from their editors but in a dark room, sipping a Diet Coke laced with rum from a pocket flask. Perhaps future Utah sections will consist only of movie reviews.

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