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Letters, August 4, 2016 

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Cover story, July 21, "Holy Spirits"
Ha that's chill.
Jean Offret
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Tim Peterson
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Blog, July 22, "Mayor, Chief, Listen as Residents Speak Minds on Police/Community Relation"
Happy about this move.
Judy Mclaughlin Ahue
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Five Spot, July 21, Joel Johnson
Gaining a record for either addiction or recreational drug use is a huge evil. So many people abuse the hell out of powerful prescription drugs, yet are protected by HIPAA.
Bryan Orvis
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Joel, thank you for all of your hard work. We don't often get the opportunity to see the men behind the change. And you and [your business partner] Travis really have created change.
CJ Stott
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Straight Dope, July 21, "Bugged Out"
Nature vs. Nurture. Who Knew? @CityWeekly Thanks for sharing as it does explain a lot.
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Opinion, July 21, "For the Books"
I am reading Bill Bryson's The Road to Little Dribbling and I wish it would never end.
Sue Story
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Film review, July 21, Ice Age Collision Course
It's the new Land Before Time and Air Buddies rolled into one.
Donovan Burns
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Arts feature, July 21, "A Sense of Place"
I think one of the temple burning would be nice.
Robert Jensen
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The Salt Flats has a nice view.
Scott Frandsen
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That's not amore
One of the problems with SLC is that you can get a good meal, but the little things that make a great meal are missing. The reason we passed by a couple of good Italian restaurants to eat at Sicilia Mia [Food review, June 30, City Weekly] was the spaghetti nero di seppia. And it was excellent. However, the rest of the experience was typical for SLC. The croutons were out of a bag, the tomatoes weren't ripe, the fresh mozzarella was from Costco, we had to ask for bread and the wait staff walked around with their hands empty when there were dirty dishes on tables. I don't think making a carbonara in a cheese bowl makes up for lack of attention to detail and a poorly trained wait staff.
Thomas Gerke

Correction: The future of Motos in Moab [Cover story, July 28, "Uneasy Riders," City Weekly] will be voted on by the area's Grand County Council, not the City Council.

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