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Letters, August 18, 2016 

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Cover Story, Aug. 4, "Click Mates"

Treasure house of real, right, relevant. Fun to read!
Jill Gomez
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News, Aug. 4, "Toxic Times"

Dear City Weekly, This is a good piece. You're missing another story altogether, though (maybe this could be a weekly column: What Poison Comes Next From Utah Lake?). Riverton's secondary water has been shut off (the only city to have water cut off) due to this issue, while we keep Jordanelle full for Salt Lake secondary water. Water politics are benefitting one segment of the population over another.
Kate Mower
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It was a turd blossom? I did not know this about Utah Lake but had heard the Jordan River was a toxic cesspool. Utah has a penchant for making it to the news, and not in a good way. Keep voting Republican, Utah! Not.
Kay Black
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"[T]he majority of the Jordan River's water is treated wastewater," and Utah is allowing substandard wastewater treatment plants to operate. Yuck. Utah is not capable of managing its land, air or water. So sad ...
Catherine Miller
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Hits & Misses, Aug. 4, "Liquor Lawmakers"

The Utah legislator can solve anything. They solved homeless, they solved homophobia, poverty, the health care crisis. All of these things were solved by the Utah legislator, in a little place called fantasy land.
Erin Bain
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Parent time can help, but we got parents working 40-plus hours at the demand of their employers due to understaffed or single parents working 2-plus jobs to afford housing. Fix the underlying issues before moving onto the symptoms.
Ashley Bowden
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Utah law makers, aka the Mormons, treat Utahns like they're children.
Scott Frandsen
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I can't believe it's 2016 and they're still trying to legislate morality. Oh, wait ... yes I can.
Greg Hackney
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I believe [stopping underage drinking] starts in the home. Teaching our children responsibility on every level should begin early and continue through the growing years. We cannot keep blaming society for everything.
Susan-Joe Cruz
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Straight Dope, Aug. 4, "Bulk Cargo Carcasses"

The chances of me having an ugly conex in my yard are precisely zero.
Allen Reese
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Dining, Aug. 4, Chef Gao

Oh great, now the secret is out.
Tom Greene
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I've had such a variation in experiences there, and I've ordered the same thing every time. Ordered the kung pao seven times; twice it was good, once it was amazing, four times it was plain bad. I wish it was great every time.
Bryan Orvis
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Movie Review, Aug. 4, Suicide Squad

Ummm false. I'm a die-hard DC fan, and it was amazing! Critics have no idea what they are doing nowadays.
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I saw it ... and it was really awful. Even for a superhero movie.
Jeff Staker
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We'll just wait out the ad campaign for the DVD release, and soon this will be all behind us.
Donovan Burns
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