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Letters, August 11, 2016 

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Cover story, July 28, "Motos in Moab"
Love it!
Red Olive
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Aims to put Utah's off-road motorcycling off the map! The whole article is discouraging and negative with its anti-environmental overtones and it is just irresponsible. Cool? I think not, from the beginning with the whining and boo-hooing about riding a short distance from Salt Lake to Moab! What a bunch of posers! Do you think anybody wants to see flamethrowers, whiskey bottles, guys digging ruts on their bikes and the like in places like Moab?! Sure, it was on private land, but what about the smoke and noise? I think the writer and editor of City Weekly [are] totally out of touch and doing a disservice to the motorcycle community. The purpose what was to promote a Harley Davidson-like custom shop. [It's] so obvious while you further divide motorcyclists and outdoors people. Nice going, City Weekly, and my friends agree that your article is stupid! These are people that actually know how to ride and race a bike off road while at the same time respecting the outdoors!
Dan Stewart
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News, July 28, "So It Goes"
Kingsley Management Corp. is horrible. I once had a home at Mountain View in West Valley and it increased lot rent every year by at least $100; they would do monthly inspections on the house out of the blue [and] charged us $20 if we didn't mow the lawn every week. We finally got out of there and into a real house [and] sold the house for what we owed rather than what it was worth, but it was well worth it. Never live in a KMC property.
Mike Wooley
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Five Spot, July 28, Rocky Anderson
Oh, Rocky. How can we miss you if you won't go away?
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Staff Box, July 28, "When you think about the current election cycle, what image comes to mind?"
Hillary and Chump being squashed by Dr. Jill Stein's amazingness.
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Hits and Misses, July 28, "Boy Scouts/No Home for Homeless Shelters"
Good news for Scouts. Being inclusive is the Boy Scout way. The LDS church should stop shoving their gay anxiety down everyone's throat.
Rikard Harward Pearson
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We could start by not making [homeless shelters] so big that they overwhelm a neighborhood. I also don't want a 100-plus room hotel in my neighborhood.
Leslie Keating
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Opinion, July 28, "Driving With No Helmet"
The Washington Post claims that as many as 988 million birds die annually in the United States alone running into windows. Sadly your story about that majestic bird and its tragic end is no isolated incident. Yet not a single word from our government on this feathered carnage, no national guard deployments, not even an attempt to regulate the window glass industry. I cry fowl! It's time to end the genocide.

Helmet laws and politics are a complicated story. In 1966, [The Highway Safety Act] mandated that 10 percent of national funds for maintaining highways was dependent on each state passing laws requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets.Long story short, in 1976 President Ford signed the "Helms Angel Bill," which repealed the national helmet law. Before then end of 1977, more than 20 states repealed their helmet laws. Ironically, in 1992, California implemented a mandatory universal helmet law, while Utah repealed their law in 1977. In September, I am planning to spend three weeks riding across the country on a motorcycle. As I embark on this journey, I now have a few questions to ponder.

1. Never mind my carbon footprint, what is my bird death footprint?

2. Will I possibly kill more birds as I ride?

3. If a bird hits me in the helmet and dies, would I have possibly saved that birds life by not wearing a helmet?
Andrew Love
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