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Despite being constantly reminded by the "well, actually ... " crowd that it is technically still autumn, it certainly feels a lot like winter in Salt Lake these days. With me, it's always the first substantial snowfall in the valley—like the 3 or so inches we got the last few days of November—that moves me from pumpkin spice to peppermint.

While many residents opt to partake in the assortment of winter sports up in the canyons or ski resorts, my favorite winter activities are a little more unusual. I enjoy taking aerial photography of ordinary sights—rooftops, golf courses, railway yards—and document how differently they look under snow.

My current obsession is shooting overhead photos of roundabouts. Although they are sources of anxiety for some Utahns, to me the vehicle patterns around these circular traffic calming devices look so serene from above. The most interesting one I've seen is also, arguably, the most frustrating: the trio of roundabouts located near 2300 East at the Interstate 80 access ramps (above). No doubt drivers have difficulty appreciating its geometric beauty when they are concentrating so hard on getting through the gauntlet unscathed.

Another one of my weird winter interests is tallying up all the snowmen and snowwomen I spot around town. It probably will come as a surprise to most, but snowpeople are actually very scarce. I chalk it up to kids these days having more activities and distractions, but maybe it's always been that way and this is just a case of rosy retrospection.

Anyway, you can imagine my excitement when I happened to stumble upon a village of snowpeople at the south steps of the Utah State Capitol at 300 N. State about two years ago (below). Afterward, I learned that it was all part of a protest advocating for carbon pricing to help mitigate climate change.

The takeaway was simple: don't take the snow for granted, as you never know when it might melt away for good.

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