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Legislators’ Priority is Obedience 

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I have been troubled and perplexed over this HB477 situation.

The desire for people to have a say in their government seems to be known to the whole world except for the majority in our Utah Legislature. They may not want to return to the eighth century, but they think the 19th century wasn’t too bad.

I couldn’t think of a logical explanation as to why these ladies and gentlemen would come up with this insane law again restricting the people’s right to know how and why our state government operates.
To my knowledge, not one of these legislators were drafted into service or is doing time to pay off some crime or misdemeanor against society. They volunteered willingly, and sought the office, knowing some type of public scrutiny would be part of the deal.

I was amazed and proud of Rep. Kraig Powell’s viewpoint. He openly stated what most of us knew happened in the Legislature (and has happened for years). It’s always surprising, and not in a good way, how people forget all of this when they are supposed to promote the general welfare, provide the most good for the most people, secure the blessings of liberty and take on this service as a privilege and honor.

Then it hit me. These members—those in  the majority party who are members of the dominant religion—had to vote for this bill because, without question, they believed their leadership. Three of my friends, when asked what they would put first, their country or their religion, unanimously picked their religion.

This is not a wrong position to take, but it certainly isn’t a position I would agree with for an elected official. This obedience (blind faith, if you will) is ingrained into church members at a very early age. When was the last time anyone voted “opposed” during sacrament meeting when the assembly was asked for a sustaining vote?

So much for questioning authority, being independent and thinking for yourself.

This is my explanation as to why rational, somewhat intelligent members of the Legislature, who have good intentions but are unable to think for themselves, voted and passed this bill. They did it to stay in their “leaders’ good graces.”

John Thompson

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