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The Provo Daily Herald supports the idea of breast-feeding. A baby’s got to eat, after all. The Herald just doesn’t want to see feeding time on social-networking sites.

A Jan. 2 editorial and Web poll shows broad support for Facebook’s decision to remove a bucolic photo of Provo mom Heather Farley breast-feeding her child in a flower garden. Farley and a group of “lactivists” subsequently protested the decision at Facebook’s headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif.

Still, according to reader comments, it’s best to be safe than sorry: After all, we may know motherhood as a beautiful thing, but what about the nasty perverts who might enjoy looking at such photos a little too much? No, it’s safest to simply ban them outright.

If banning things that might arouse perverts is such a good idea, we suggest banning shoes—to guard against potential shoe fetishists. And, after that, of course, it will be necessary to do something with all those provocatively bare feet.

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