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Kudos to Frazier 

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Kudos to Frazier
I've been reading this paper for many years, and the article "River of No Return" [July 30, City Weekly] is the best one of all.

This is a well-written, informative and interesting story. A damned good job by Colby Frazier!
Dick Raun
Salt Lake City

Required Reading
I can't thank you and Colby Frazier enough for the great "River of No Return" article [July 30, City Weekly]. This is one of the best things that I have read in a long time.

I truly think this should be mandatory reading for all Utah legislators and anyone in Utah who cares about the future.
Tony Pignanelli
Salt Lake City

Your Wish Is Our Command
I was sorry to learn that News Quirks was ending due to the death of the author, Roland Sweet. May I suggest that you carry News of the Weird instead, which is very similar?
Bruce Hamilton
Salt Lake City

Editor's note: Thanks, Bruce. We were already on it. News of the Weird is now running in the space formerly reserved for News Quirks.

Free-Market Religion
U.S. House Rep. Chris Stewart, D-Utah, as well as all other Republicans and many Democrats in Congress, use their elected positions there to serve as high priests for their free-market religion whose god (they claim) controls and manipulates the economy with an infallible "invisible hand."

These high priests demand religious freedom for their own, the country's and the world's unfettered practice of that religion—including forcing everyone to practice it. But it's a lie of a religion and the most evil of cults.

Their holy free-market isn't "free" at all. It is absolutely controlled and manipulated by an oligarchy of the ever-greedier, thieving, amoral, sociopathic, narcissistic filthy-rich—who are, in fact, the patrons and benefactors, and the only real constituents, of these high priests.

They, their religion and these filthy-rich are an abomination in the eyes of any truly honest, moral and just divinity that might exist. That's why Jesus condemned all the rich and rich-wannabes, as well as their corrupt amoral lackeys like Rep. Stewart. And their believers and followers are just the brainwashed useful-idiot minions of these filthy-rich. They are all well on their way to taking over and destroying society, the human species, and probably all life on Earth.
Stuart McDonald
Salt Lake City

Put Disabled People to Work
Thanks to the Americans With Disabilities Act, public buildings now have on-ramps, making them accessible to people who use wheelchairs or assistive technology. For many with disabilities, the on-ramp to economic success is still blocked.

Utah established a framework for systems change, called theEmployment First initiative, which is centered on the ideathat all citizens, including individuals with significant disabilities, are capable of fully participating in integrated employment and community life. This policy is a good start, but further change is necessary. Under the new Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act, Gov. Herbert can bring each branch of government together so that education, transportation, workforce development, healthcare and other departments can align their systems to better serve all job-seekers.

People with disabilities deserve the opportunity to achieve the friendships, income and purpose that jobs provide.
Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi
Bethesda, Md.

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