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Kidnapping Too Real 

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My thanks to Jesse Fruhwirth for his insightful expose about how Utah adoption laws take babies from the nation’s unmarried fathers [“Some Call It Kidnapping,” July 29, City Weekly].

Unfortunately, many men and women of the Utah Fathers’ Rights Meetup Group (at and other citizens know firsthand how easy it is to have their babies stolen. A reality that frightens me daily as I struggle with unsettling questions is whether taking the law into our own hands has become the more sane choice in dealing with these horribly unjust situations. These are situations that have been recognized as the “largest roll-back in civil rights since the infamous era of Jim Crow” (from page 3 of the special report at and it’s a “war” against us (read the book Taken Into Custody, by Stephen Baskerville).

In my opinion, it’s no wonder that our nation has become so open to socialism. Destroy the family and you destroy the foundation of our constitutional republic. Then we call for even more government “services” to fill the void, the ultimate cost to our civil rights of bigger government be damned.

There are worthwhile legal remedies, however, such as learning about the candidates in the Nov. 2 elections and supporting those who we’re more confident will do the right things. Start with the Utah Elections Website and follow up with research and contacting them to ask them their positions on matters that are important to you.

Louis Langholtz
Organizer of the Utah Fathers’ Rights Meetup Group

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