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Ken Sanders' "Do Not Pass Go, Go Directly to Jail" 

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Re: Ken Sanders’ “Do Not Pass Go, Go Directly to Jail” [News Blog, July 27,]

Craig Childs: Thanks, Ken. What makes this so unbelievable is that it is utterly believable. The man is a hero, would have been anyway, even without a two-year sentence.

Anonymous: A hero? “Hero” is so overused and improperly so (here, for instance) that it no longer has any meaning. This guy didn’t charge into a burning building to save children; he didn’t jump into a freezing river, drowning himself to save another. He did not expect to pay the price he did for doing what he did. What he did is commendable, but he is no hero.

Correction: Cheers to You in downtown Salt Lake City has 11 TVs. The Coldest Beers issue [July 21, City Weekly] listed an incorrect number.

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