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Keeping an Eye on the Snakes 

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I’ve always heard rumors of a local mafia. It appears to me that Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow have confirmed those rumors. And I don’t doubt the local mafia have their fingers in pretty much every other state department/office and bid process. The highway-bid payoff, Diehl’s deals and the DABC come to mind.

I agree with your commentary and am just as pissed at what passes for ethics, principles and legality in this town. But more to the point, I think you went entirely too easy on the hard-working, honest, ethical, concerned folk you alluded to/apologized to in “Utah Phonies” [June 6, City Weekly].

As I’ve seen in Utah, an office is usually held for as long as the law allows—via term limits or indictment, whichever comes first—or for the length of the elected snake’s personal whim. And as we all recall, one snake in disgrace even received a standing ovation from his fellow legislators.

So, when those honest, ethical, hard working, concerned folk of whom you spoke vote to re-elect the snakes over and over and over again, well, who’s really to blame for snakes on the plane (apologies to the movie)? Or maybe the honest, ethical, hard-working, concerned folk of whom you spoke are surely in the ineffective if not silent minority.

I’m guessing it’s sixes as to which of the scenarios is worse, but either way, it doesn’t speak well for this pretty great state.

Honestly, I haven’t seen much of anything that inspires me to believe that very many people in Utah, elected or otherwise, are actually concerned much about the snakes among them, your City Weekly being an exception. When it comes right down to it, many people even seem to admire the damned snakes.

So rather than just leaning, I’d say Utah is squarely in the creepy side. And with no changes looming on the horizon, there’s no doubt it will only get creepier and even more corrupt.

South Salt Lake

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