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Keep Them Dumb 

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Being a new resident of Utah, I’ve had much to learn. First of all, I didn’t understand why funding for public schools was the lowest of all 50 states. Finally, it dawned on me why Utah would invest so little in public education.

A student with basic math skills would realize the costly foolishness of borrowing money from pay-day loan and auto title companies. Also, students with enough skills to read a graph comparing Utah basic wages to those in many other states would pack their bags as soon as possible and flee Utah.

A student with basic scientific knowledge would be able to discern that Salt Lake City’s air is a danger to health.

Students’ understanding of the principles of good government would figure out that elected officials in a state with one-party domination could be vulnerable to graft.

Young people who understood the struggles for equal rights would support fairness for all people, including those who have same-gender attraction.

Students with a broad understanding of all people’s views on religion, including those who are agnostic or atheists, would not believe that they are members of the only true church.

Powerful entities throughout history have sought to stifle learning and independent thinking. The Catholic powers decried having the Bible translated into languages that those with basic literacy could read for themselves. The invention of the printing press was viewed as a major threat.

Peasants and slaves were kept illiterate so they could not easily communicate.

People kept in ignorance are so much easier to manipulate. A highly educated populace would be a real threat to the power structures in Utah.

Guess the legislators are actually not properly funding education to ensure their own futures.


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