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Just Say No to Nuclear Waste 

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In regard to EnergySolutions, referred to by many in Utah as “EnergyPollutions,” I would have to say:
I belong to five civic organizations and none want the depleted nuclear waste or foreign waste to be dumped in Utah.

It is true that one person cannot accomplish much, but if the civic organizations, along with the city and state officials, work in a united effort to achieve our common goal, miracles can be achieved. Together, we can prevent nuclear waste from being dumped in Utah.

Even though our neighboring state Nevada has spent tens of millions creating a giant cave in solid rock at Yucca Flats, it will not accept nuclear waste. Yet, in Utah wants to dump more nuclear waste and simply cover it with a little dirt.

Why should Utah become the nuclear-waste dump for most of our nation or for foreign nations?

I recently attended the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Committee meetings. That body has come to the conclusion that the potential problems regarding ground water, leaching, oxidation, radon gas and transportation are great. Certainly, there must be more isolated nuclear-waste sites in America or in other countries.

Along with the impossible problem of disposing of nuclear waste, we have the continuing problem of nuclear accidents. This was most recently witnessed in Japan. Think also of the possible threat of sabotage to those nuclear plants.

Also, if we ever had a world war with nations using atomic bombs, it could mean virtually the end of mankind.

Along with prohibiting the manufacturing of bombs, we should curtail the building of future atomic-energy plants.

It is of prime importance that wind and solar power be utilized as energy sources throughout the world.

Richard M. Wirick
“Mr. Downtown”
Owner of Oxford Shop
Salt Lake City

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