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Judge Block 

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As of March 13, for 986 consecutive days and counting, there have been 80 or more empty judicial seats in federal courtrooms all across America. Nearly half of those federal judicial vacancies have been declared “judicial emergencies” by the U.S. courts, including one in Utah. This means things are so bad that the ability of these courts to handle their heavy workload has been severely threatened. Despite this, judicial nominee David Nuffer—who was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee without any opposition five months ago—has had his nomination held up because of Sens. Lee’s and Hatch’s political gamesmanship in outrageously blocking all of President Obama’s judicial nominees, regardless of their high qualifications.

Both Lee and Hatch are blatantly shirking their constitutional duties as U.S. Senators and trying to destroy our democracy by handing complete control of our country over to their big corporate and other filthy-rich benefactors. That makes them both amoral, corrupt traitors. They need to end their obstruction and give every judicial nominee a yes or no vote now!

Stuart McDonald
Salt Lake City

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