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It's Possible to Convert to Hydrogen 

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I was reading Peter Maier’s letter [“Hydrogen-Based Energy Is the Future,” Dec. 20, City Weekly] and nostalgia set in.

During the early 1970s, I was employed as an auto tech in Provo. I came across a man who was converting cars to run on hydrogen. In 1972, he was returning a rotary engine Mazda that he had converted. In 1976, we had a conversation at an Orem used-car lot, and again at the Datsun dealership. Virtually all of the engines available in those years, ’72 to ’76, had been successfully converted to operate on hydrogen as a fuel.

Who is keeping this information from us? The byproducts of combustion in our vehicles are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. With hydrogen, it’s mainly water.

Salt Lake City

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