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It’s a Smutty World, After All 

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Oh man, this is just going to drive Porn Czar Paula Houston crazy—not to mention Utah’s self-appointed morality ombudsman, Gayle Ruzicka. Yahoo Inc., the Internet search engine and web directory has gone into the pornography business.

According to the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press, Yahoo, whose pages are seen by an estimated 185 million people per month, has opened an on-line store featuring a catalog of thousands of hard core videos. Yahoo will take a percentage of the sales. So, kiddies, just get mommy’s American Express and log onto Yahoo for the real thing, including the new XXX smash hit, Gayle Does Grantsville.

Speaking of skin, Abercrombie & Fitch made note of Utah’s new porn czar and determined not to distribute its new clothing catalog in the Beehive State, writes Marta Murvosh for the Salt Lake Tribune. The A&F Quarterly aimed, no doubt, at the younger set, seeks to be fun and energetic, say its creators. Although pelvic areas aren’t shown, the 300-page catalog contains photos of nude males and females. Heaven forbid! The company’s only Utah store is located in Provo, where nudity of any kind might be a hanging offense.

Even though Utah is the only state in the nation where you won’t be able to buy the catalog, no matter how old you are, the office of the porn czar says it has received two complaints. How that works, we’re not exactly sure. Chalk one up for Gayle and Paula.

Since we’re talking about high fashion, it’s worth noting that Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, formerly known as “Puffy,” and before that as “Puff Daddy,” has been nominated for an American Fashion Award. This is absolutely on the up and up. Puffy’s, er, uh, P. Diddy’s “Sean John” line of clothing was nominated for the Perry Ellis Menswear for new talent, says the Associated Press.

As you will recall, the rap impresario was recently found not guilty of shooting up a Manhattan hip-hop club where three people were wounded. P. Diddy also was cleared of attempting to bribe his way out of the mess with a diamond ring given to him by his then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. Is that guy a romantic, or what?

Here’s something we pulled out of our “Momma Bush”-file: While her son W. is terrorizing environmentalists, women’s rights advocates and low-income groups, Barbara Bush, the one-time first lady, just keeps on keepin’ on. Protestors showed up outside her Kent State speaking gig to dis her $45,000 fee. But Babs, eight years out of the limelight, took it in stride. “It’s sort of flattering to be yelled at again,” she said.

We couldn’t agree more, here at Smartbomb, with old lady Bush. We find it very flattering to get yelled at. And that’s why we can say with a straight face that this year’s edition of City Weekly’s “Best of Utah” was the most flattering ever.

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