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Invisible Tyranny 

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They’re coming, they’re coming. Again!

You might have thought the U.N. scare was over down in LaVerkin. But you’d be wrong. Heck, they’ve even spotted U.N. peacekeepers down there and up in Yellowstone and the New World Order is taking over! Again! Still! This is really serious. Ask Rush Limbaugh.

LaVerkin stalwart Al Snow has just written a book, An Exceptional Profile in Courage (Sounds a little like JFK’s memoir Profiles in Courage, but don’t be confused or let the irony bust your gut), about how he and the townsfolk in the Washington County hamlet are taking on the United Nations and fighting back global tyranny, practically single-handed.

In a recent interview on KUER, Snow told morning host Dan Bammes that the United Nation’s strategy is apparently to establish “biospheres” in our national parks. A U.N. biosphere already has been set up in Yellowstone (proof is the ban on snowmobiles) and it looks as if the next takeover will be Zion National Park, just up the road from LaVerkin.

Snow detailed the evidence to Bammes: “Some of our people were going up there and I told ’em to take a camera and take some pictures. And sure enough, they spotted a white Humvee with blue U.N. letters on it,” he said of a Yellowstone excursion.

It’s hard to know exactly why the New World Order is setting up in our national parks, but there’s little doubt that some people are seeing things—a great conspiracy, according to Snow and others in LaVerkin. You can no longer drive your car through Zion—what more proof do you want?

• Speaking of conspiracies, there is an ongoing conspiracy to flush our drinking water with fluoride, a recent caller informed us here at SmartBomb. This, as everyone knows, is a U.N. conspiracy, too. But what most people seem unaware of is a similar ongoing conspiracy, according to sources close to SmartBomb, to add chlorine to our drinking water as well. Chlorine is one of the most poisonous substances known to man. And here’s proof: It also kills bacteria.

Magnesium Corporation of America, which has just changed its name to U.S. Magnesium to avoid a suit from the EPA, is the No. 1 air polluter in the country, belching thousands of tons of chlorine into the air on the western shores of the Great Salt Lake upwind from the Wasatch Front. This, too, apparently has not caught the attention of the freedom fighters who are attempting to thwart the fluoride conspiracy. But as one fluoride critic told us, “Well, that’s just the air. I’m talking about the water.”

• And finally, from our “Presidential”-file: As Enron and WorldCom and Marthagate continue to unravel with sordid tales of insider trading and stock fraud, the Deseret News is using its pages to probe the president. Recently, a front-page D-News column featured Dubya’s dogs, Spot and Barney, and then followed with an in-depth report on sleeping arrangements when the president visits his father and mother in Kennebunkport, Maine. It’s the type of reporting that Deseret News readers want. Who needs to read about scandals all the time? That can get old. And frankly, why complain about the horse dung when there’s a pony to be found out there?

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