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I'm Free to Say What I Want 

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Those who attack the messenger instead of commenting about the message itself, or even conjuring up some implied message, make it so easy—no, they actually make the point of the message clear(er) [“Church Membership Is a Choice,” Feb. 9, City Weekly]. At least, it should be clear to the reader that the message I articulated had nothing to do with my personal relationship with the church. That would be a discussion for another time and place, which I would love.

The freedom to share my thoughts or feelings with the church exist only in a forum such as City Weekly because, again, the church does not encourage freedom of thought within the walls of its kingdom. In fact, such freedom is given away early in one’s entrance into said church (baptism at the age of 8). And, of course, everyone knows that at the age of 8, one is totally capable of determining whether or not membership in said church is the best thing for him/herself.

Well, you get the idea. This is about the questionable activities that occur within the temples, and how it will become a huge issue come election time for any candidate who carries the “Mormon” baggage with him.

Blood oaths should no longer exist within any organization. It is the stuff of holy wars, i.e., 72 virgins in exchange for blowing up the infidels and oneself. Again, I say to those who are tired of the constant wars: Let the people be free to “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

I don’t care if the “elders” ever hear what I have to say, but my right to say it should not be questioned or stopped because of my lifestyle choices. Now, the real question is this: Does Kered Aoraba speak for the “elders” or the church (officially)? If not, then you are just another speck of dust in the cosmos, just like the rest of us. Let us allow the other particles (of dust) to make up their own mind if what I am saying is valid, without attacking the messenger.

Sylvan Crofts
Eagle Mountain

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