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If you could write about the same thing every week in City Weekly, what would it be? 

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Bill Frost: This is a trick question, right? Is it performance review time already?

Nick Clark: “Falling From Grace,” a weekly article profiling the latest holier-than-thou politician busted for an affair/run-in with the law/romantic evening in a bathroom stall.

Jesse Fruhwirth: Centers of power and how they impact little people. Oh wait, I do write about that almost every week. Otherwise, maybe gardening and vegetables.

Ted Scheffler: Well, I hate to sound like a doting father, but I’d write about my 10-year-old boy, Hank, who brightens every room he enters.

Jesse James Burnitt: I would write a piece called “My Bitterness Trumps Your Precious,” where I would viciously tear apart all that crap indie music that the hipsters like so much.

Scott Renshaw: You’re presuming that question is hypothetical; I do write about the same thing every week.

Rachel Hanson: Useless Word Knowledge. This week’s column: The many uses of drop-caps.

Bryan Mannos: Ice cream reviews!

John Paul Brophy: To write a short weekly column on life’s moments—humorous/curious/mysterious—would never get old for me.

Lia Pretorius: All Consuming: Practical Strategies for True Nourishment of You and Your Family in Salt Lake City. I look forward to seeing reader requests pour in for this one.

Rebecca Andrus: How about the random and bizarre pick-up lines, shout-outs and rants we get on a daily basis walking in and out of our building? We could have a Top 10, or a list like the Ocho.

Stephen Dark: For my cover story, I spoke with a woman who suffers from schizophrenia, who said, “Nobody listens. No one hears us.” It’s her voice, those of the marginalized, the ignored, ultimately the voiceless, who I am drawn to write about.

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