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If God Exists, He's Evil 

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Derek Carlisle says about atheists: “try having a discussion about beliefs without getting into an argument—true proof that even they have a belief system” [Staff Box, Jan. 12, City Weekly].

Not only do atheists have a belief system, they have the most vigorous belief system of all: they require evidence. Therefore, atheists also argue with those who believe in unicorns, not because we like confrontation, but because we require evidence. When there is proof that Zeus exists, atheists will worship Zeus.

There is one exception, though. If the god of Abraham exists, this evil should be fought and not worshiped, for this god and his goons have caused far more suffering than Hitler and his goons, by many orders of magnitude. This evil god has exterminated more than 98 percent of species (dinosaurs, etc.) and continues to torture us with disease, predation, earthquakes, old age, etc. And his goons have caused immense suffering by their jihads, fatwas, suicide bombings, crusades, inquisitions and subjugation of the New World. And his goons continue to cause suffering even today with their opposition to choosing euthanasia for oneself, opposition to stem-cell research and opposition to birth control.

Any moral person would choose to burn in hell rather than worship such a monster.

Ben Coke
Salt Lake City

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