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Hunters Are Not Sadists 

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Hunters Are Not Sadists
While I respect Harold Rose's opinion as an advocate for free speech, I must admit I was put off by his implications [Letters, "What's Next?" Nov. 20, City Weekly].

Hunting might not be for everyone, but to imply that I must like beating my wife because I enjoy the sport of hunting is uncalled for. I try to be an ethical hunter. I do my best to take an animal cleanly, quickly and humanely.

I frankly am remorseful about the killing aspect of hunting. I hunt because of a love for the outdoors, my love for game meat, and the bond I enjoy with my friends and family. By Rose's admonishment, I am not an outdoorsman, but a sadist (and, apparently, a bully.) By that logic, cattle ranchers are homicidal maniacs!

I would invite Rose to rethink his position on the matter, out of respect and understanding, for a long tradition in this state and country. Hunting has put food on the table since before there were tables.
Matthew Henry
Sugar House

Just a Step Away
As the weather changes, sometimes drastically like it does in Utah, the article by Eric S. Peterson on homelessness in Salt Lake City drew my attention ["A Load Off," Nov. 13, City Weekly].

Peterson writes that Dash's situation is "sadly common for a lot of homeless people." At 24 years old, Dash has gone through three years of heroin addiction, tormented by an abusive boyfriend, only to find refuge on the street. Scary.

But there is hope on the way, and they need a lot of help. Mobile storage lockers for their belongings during the day would help the homeless go to job interviews without carrying their life's possessions with them. They would be stolen if left unattended. Kudos to David Brooks of Revolution United and to Travis Hysell's nonprofit Legacy Initiative for raising the funds for these storage lockers to be free to the homeless. There are a lot of people just one step away from being homeless.

I know, being one of them.
Mark Hurst

They Don't Care
I watched Orrin Hatch being interviewed on local TV news about Veterans Day. It is unbelievable how cynical and hypocritical Republican legislators in Congress—especially Hatch—and in the states always talk about how patriotic they are, and how strongly they support our veterans, yet refuse to support or vote for adequate funding of essential programs for those veterans.

That's the real reason why the VA medical system is such a horrid mess, and why there are large percentages of vets who are unemployed, homeless, have untreated PTSD and commit suicide. Legislators are all about outrageously large and wasteful military budgets so their already filthy-rich benefactors and donors in the military-industrial complex stay rich and get even richer. But to them, the U.S. soldiers and vets are relatively cheap and completely expendable cannon fodder.
Stuart McDonald
Salt Lake City

Correction: The Holiday Gift Guide [Nov. 20, City Weekly] listed an incorrect price for the Bug-A-Salt at the Clark Planetarium's Planet Fun (110 S. 400 West, Salt Lake City, 801-456-7827, The Bug-A-Salt is $39.95.

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