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Huka Bar Hotness & Nightlife Redemption List 

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Huka Hotness: Tokin Tuesday’s Eye Candy
DJs Bentley and Elvis Freshly were spinning when we popped into Murray’s hottest bar for Tokin’ Tuesday’s Eye Candy night. It was half-off Hukas, $3 for 20-ounce Coors Light mugs, $5 for Coors Light steins and the views of the Huka girls were—as always—free. The Huka Bar & Grill is located at 161 E. 6100 South.

Club Matters: Nightlife Redemption List
The holiday season is finally over, but Utah’s nightlife gets just a brief reprieve from excitement until Sundance rolls into town and blows our spots up. We’ve taken pictures at several bars this year and the venues have sometimes ranged from the too-loud to the douchebag-filled to the boring.

If you’re new to the area and have only been disappointed in our venues due to the previous list of ills, do not despair—there is hope.

In honor of the end-of-year lists people make around this time of year, Club Matters has compiled a beginning-of-year list for the best spots to relax and grab a drink during the beginning of 2011 in some of our favorite locales, no bells and whistles necessary:

Bar Deluxe, 666 S. State Street
Cheers To You, 315 S. State Street
Club Edge, 615 N. 400 West
Johnny’s on Second, 165 E. 200 South
Poplar Street Pub, 242 S. 200 West
The Republican, 917 S. State Street
The Spot, 870 S. Main Street
Uncle Bart’s, 837 S. Main Street
Willy’s, 1716 S. Main Street
X-Wife’s Place, 465 S. 700 East




Hot Shots from the Huka Bar & Grill:
1. DJ Bentley And Crew
2. Serena Foster, Mandi Lipka
3. Paige Gray, Andrew Abeyta

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