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Holiday Gift Guide for Music Lovers 

Ideas for the music lover in your life

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  • Emilee Atkinson

Here we are once again—it's the time of year where we scramble to find the right gift for our loved ones that shows just how much we care about them. Well, for most of us; some people shop months in advance, but this guide isn't for those people. This guide is for those who procrastinate a bit, but still want to get a great gift. Fret not, here are plenty of suggestions for those in your life who love music.

Gift cards: I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Gift cards are always a great option when you're completely stumped on what to get someone. It may seem impersonal, but you can always put it in a thoughtful card, pair it with your person's favorite treat or give it to them with the biggest hug you can muster. There's no shortage of meaningful ways to give someone a gift card. This gives them the freedom to go ham and get something they really want without the pressure of asking for it, and without you having to worry about getting the wrong thing. It does help to put some thought into where the gift card is for, though. Amazon is usually a good bet for an all-purpose solution, but getting one for their favorite local music shop is a great option. If the giftee in question invests a lot in gear, or need repairs on instruments often, you can ask your local music shops if they offer gift cards. Or for those who love buying physical media like vinyl, CDs and cassettes, you can get gift cards for shops like Graywhale (Ogden, Taylorsville), Lavender Vinyl (Ogden) or Randy's Records (Salt Lake). Give yourself and your loved one the gift of freedom with a gift card for their favorite music-related place.

Household Items: If you have a loved one who is very into music, there's a good chance they enjoy decorating their home with music-themed decor and other household items. Any item you can think of probably has a musical variation. Everything from mugs, to coasters, to notebooks, to blankets, even paperclips—if you can think of it, there's a musical version of it. Amazon of course has a lot of items like this, but you can also check sites like Uncommon Goods, The Music Stand and even Walmart. Another great resource for unique, hand-crafted gifts is Etsy. Many small businesses post on Etsy, so while you may not be ordering from a small business in Utah specifically, you'll still be ordering from someone who isn't a big, multi-billion-dollar company—if that's something you're going for, anyway.

For Guitarists: Musicians play a wide variety of instruments, but the guitar is a pretty common one for people to pick up. So if you have a guitarist in your life, here are some great options if you're not sure what to get for them. Most guitarists are pretty picky about their gear and what they like to use, especially when it comes to their guitar picks. However, if you think they may be feeling adventurous, you can get them a pick that's made out of a unique material like wood, coins, or even stones. If your favorite guitarist likes to have fun and be silly, you can also find a guitar pick stamp that allows them to punch a guitar pick shape out of any material that the punch is able to go through. Old credit card? Punch it. Expired library card? Punch it. Typically, it's made to go through hard plastic, but why let that stop you? It's a fun and cool experiment that never gets old!

For your new guitar player, it may be a good idea to get them access to lessons and materials that will help them learn the basics and open doors into the musical world. Online options like Fender Play allow your guitar student to access lessons at home, but for some, in-person lessons are better for their learning style. Plenty of local musicians offer private lessons around town, and places like the Salt Lake Academy of Music (SLAM) offer lessons on a sliding scale fee. SLAM is committed to offering lessons to children and adults alike.

For Songwriters: If you have a more experienced musician in your life who spends a lot of time writing songs, there are a few options that might help them along the way. Writer's block is real; writers of all types experience this, and music is no different. There are creative journals that give songwriters a space to keep ideas down, prompts that will help inspire them and give assurance that they're not the only ones struggling to get something on the page. You can find songwriter's journals on Amazon, Etsy, Uncommon Goods and sites like Peter Pauper Press.

Don't let your holiday season shopping get you down—follow this guide for the music lovers in your life and you'll be just fine!

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