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Holiday Gift Guide: Foodie Edition 

Dig into some options that even the most discerning food nerd will love.

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  • Caputo’s Culture Club Subscription

With the holidays fast approaching, it's time to consider what that foodie in your social circle would like to get in their stocking. Since I love all y'all, I've put together a gift list that should cover foodies of every stripe—from the beer-lover to the tailgater—and it's all merrily local. Read on, and may your gift-giving be well-received.

For the Griller on the Go
Portable Grills from Traeger
College football and grilled meats will always pair well, but the uses of a portable grill are myriad in Utah. We have plenty of great picnic and camping spots, and one of Traeger's portable grills isn't a bad choice for a backyard barbecue. If you know someone who is selective about when and where they want to break out the grill and get some burgers going, Traeger's selection of portable wood-pellet grills are excellent options.

You've got the Tailgater Grill that offers 300 square inches of grilling space—that's enough for two whole chickens, pal—and comes with collapsible legs for easy transport and setup. For something a bit smaller that also has the advantage of looking like a security-reinforced briefcase, there's the Ranger Grill. It's a good, compact option for grilling right on the tailgate, or whatever other flat surfaces you might find in the wilderness.

With all kinds of cool bells and whistles like a meat temperature probe and an easy user interface, Traeger grills are great options for anyone compelled to drop everything and cook at a moment's notice.

For the Novitiate Beer Drinker
City Brew Tours
This national organization that celebrates local breweries found within each of our country's modern metropolises came to Utah a few years back, and it's excellent. I booked a tour soon after I started drinking beer as part of a guided exploration into the ancient practice of brewing, and it was an eye-opening experience.

For starters, the itinerary is planned depending on the package you want—there are some where you just go and try different beer from each brewery on the docket, and others that pair the experience with tasty eats. Once you've booked your package, just show up at the pickup spot, where a comfy sprinter van will take you from location to location. The guides are beer- and brewery-lovers themselves, so you can expect a good bit of beer-centric conversation as your beer-fueled journey progresses.

Each brewery visit features some Q&A with one of the brewers, as they present a few different craft beer options during your visit. From a new beer-drinker's perspective, this is not only a great time to try a lot of different brews, but also to ask what "IPA" stands for.

For the Discerning Snacker
Caputo's Culture Club Subscription
It's always a pleasure to visit Caputo's and let your senses guide you to some of the finest groceries, chocolates and cheeses in town. But what about the discerning snacker who wants Caputo's to come to them? It may seem like a tall order, but Caputo's has this great Culture Club Subscription Program that boxes up a series of seasonal snacks and sends them right to your door every other month.

One of the tricky things about being someone who thinks about snacks with both their brain and their tummy is knowing when to draw the line—which is why letting the food nerds at Caputo's put a bi-monthly box together is so cool. Not only are you getting to try a bunch of new, tasty items, but you know they've been hand-selected by a cerebral snack enthusiast every bit as discerning as the recipient. Some of the options in the current box include some pistachio halva, a bar of Mirzam Dark Chocolate with orange and cinnamon, a serving of Olympia Provisions Catechino Cheese and some Barnacle Alaskan Spruce Tip Jelly.

For the Foodie WhoWants to Eat Their Chia Pet
Mushroom Grow Kits from Fungal Focus
Growing one's own food has become a lot easier in recent years, and one of the most fascinating ways to take advantage of this hobby is with a mushroom grow kit. There are plenty of these sold online, but Fungal Focus is an organization local to Utah that offers grow kits, CSAs and even full soil plans for those with a bit of space on their hands.

If this is your first time hearing about a mushroom grow kit, they're perfect for that person in your life who likes the weird biological process behind food production. It's essentially a pre-packaged kit of recycled and organic materials; Fungal Focus uses stuff like recycled paper, coffee chaff and organic oats. All the owner needs to do is keep this growing medium properly watered, and there will be some cute little Lions Mane mushrooms sprouting in no time.

Regardless of who is on your shopping list, here's hoping you got a few nice ideas for the upcoming holidays. Take care and stay safe out there, dear readers.

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