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Holding Out for a Hero 

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According to popular Mormon belief, a time is coming when the divinely inspired Constitution, and presumably the fate of the country, will hang by a thread. Fear not, however, for the myth also tells us that Constitution and country will both be saved by a Mormon white knight.

It’s ironic, therefore, that Utah Mormons should be leading efforts to unravel the Constitution. Item: Utah legislators call states sovereign entities where federal agencies have no power. Item: Utah legislators urge repeal of 14th and 17th Amendments (among others). Item: Utah legislators call for constitutional convention to challenge federal sovereignty over states. Item: Utah legislators urge state to adopt its own gold currency.

It would appear, then, that one of the first tasks of our white knight will be to undo the hard work of his co-religionists here in the sovereign state of Bedlam. Has anyone at Mormon headquarters considered giving our white knight a hand by proactively silencing some of his future obstacles, starting with the 13th apostle himself, Glenn Beck? If a Danite thug can’t be found, could the church at least manage an auto-da-fé, also known as a court of love?

Ed Firmage Jr.
Salt Lake City

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