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  Rated NR · 77 minutes · 2018

Crime drama, Thriller
Slows burns aplenty, with a denouement that literally defines “denouement,” Have a Nice Day is a nifty little comic crime thriller. It’s not really that funny (though it does produce smiles), and it’s surprisingly predictable. In fact, it’s reminiscent of all those Tarantino rip-offs from the mid-‘90s, such as 2 Days in the Valley. It’s also vaguely reminiscent of Danny Boyle’s Shallow Grave, in that it’s about a bag of money and what becomes of the people who possess it. Make of that what you will. But what’s refreshing about Have a Nice Day is its animation, unpretentious, no flash. The characters are all well-drawn (ha), which is a good thing, because we spend beaucoup time with each until the bag of money makes its way from one set of characters to the next, a group of loosely connected scoundrels in southern China. About that denouement: You’ll probably guess the fate of each of these people before they do, but Have a Nice Day ties things up so handily that it’s kind of a rush. Plus, its brief running time (75 minutes) doesn’t make anything feel too draggy.
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Official Site: www.strandreleasing.com/films/have-a-nice-day
Director: Liu Jian
Producer: Lynne Wang, Liu Jian and Yang Cheng
Cast: Xiao Zhang, Lao Zhao and Fang Yuanjun

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