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Harvest Your Activism 

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Even if you sowed a lazy, apathetic summer, it's not too late to reap the benefits of late-season activism. This week, check out the discussion to move the state prison at the Prison Relocation Commission meeting. Later, stop by the Salt Lake County Bicycle Advisory Committee to learn how make your community more bike-friendly. Looking ahead, get ready to take part in September's Operation Inspiration where you can dress like a superhero, and help your community with a month of service projects.

Prison Relocation Commission
Wednesday, Sept. 3

It's a move that's been years in the making—relocating the Utah State Prison at the point of the mountain so that its prime location can be developed. Besides the real-estate folks with dollar signs in their eyes, average citizens will want to follow the meeting to keep track of the cost of relocating the facility and making sure the new prison is focused on rehabilitation, not just warehousing inmates.
Utah Capitol, 250 N. State, 801-538-1032, Sept. 3, 9 a.m.-noon, Le.Utah.gov

Salt Lake County Bicycle Advisory Committee
Wednesday, Sept. 3

The Salt Lake County Bicycle Advisory Committee's goal is to make it easy and safe for folks in the county to have access to bike-friendly roads and pathways. If you're a bike believer, you'll want to coast over to the bicycle advisory committee meeting, where a volunteer panel will be brainstorming all things bike related.
Salt Lake County Government Center, 2001 S. State, Room S-1010, 385-468-7028, Sept. 3, 5:30 p.m., SLCO.org/Bicycle

Operation Inspiration
Sept. 4-20

Just in time for the Salt Lake Comic Con, the nonprofit Legacy Initiative is calling on everyday superheroes to make a difference with a month of cosplay for a cause. Service projects will run throughout September and will include participants bringing meals directly to Salt Lake City's homeless, costumed volunteers visiting children in need, and drives for blood and food. At the end of the month, a costume contest and party will be held at Gracie's.
For more info, call 801-995-8965 or visit Legacy-Initiative.com.

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