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Guardians of the Galaxy, Under the Dome 

New DVD/VOD releases Tuesday, Dec. 9

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Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel/Disney)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel/Disney)

Guardians of the Galaxy
Peter "Starlord" Quill (Chris Pratt), along with a tree (Vin Diesel), a raccoon (Bradley Cooper) and a green chick (Zoe Saldana), steals an orb and runs away from an evil supervillain (Lee Pace). Of course it's the biggest movie of 2014. (Marvel/Disney)

The Cabining
A pair of desperate writers have two weeks to finish a horror movie screenplay or lose their funding, so they check into a quiet artists retreat—no sooner than you can say "Whoa, meta," the bodies start piling up. Is this that movie? Dude ... (Indican)

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead
In the follow-up to the 2009 Nazi-zombie classic, Martin (Vegar Hoel) wakes up in a hospital with a new arm—too bad it's a zombie arm that wants to kill him, which will complicate his vengeance quest. Yet another Obamacare fail. (Well Go USA)

Under the Dome: Season 2
In the second season of the Stephen King adaptation, the townsfolk of Chester's Mill are still trapped ... under the dome. But then they find a way out! Or not! Here's a mystery girl! Oh, and blood rain! What? Nevermind. (Paramount)

You Can't Kill Stephen King
Unrelated, a group of pals attempt to drop in on the author, only to find unfriendly townies who hate outsiders and questions about their famous resident. The pals start getting dead one-by-one, which makes more sense than Under the Dome. (CAV)

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