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Favorite moment of 2013 CWMAs

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What was your favorite moment of the 2013 CWMA showcases?

Pete Saltas: I never miss a DJ Spin-off, as those events are always slammed and generally a fun time. This year, I branched out and saw some live bands and the rap battle at 5 Monkeys. I was surprised by both of those showcases as I’d never been to shows with local performers. Way to go, CWMA!

Rachel Piper: I went to my first showcase, ever, this year, the rap showcase at 5 Monkeys featuring DopeThought, Burnell Washburn and Concise Kilgore. It was a great time and it made me realize how lucky Salt Lakers are to have this talent in town.

Colin Wolf: J Godina smashing his laptop and then going into an all-vinyl set at The Opium Lounge was one of the best DJ performances I’ve seen in a while. He’s also the first person to break stuff at the CWMAs, so I think that deserves an award of some sort.

Bill Frost: Color Animal at The Woodshed—no beards, no banjos, just rock.

Eric Peterson: Never been much of a fan of metal, but Eagle Twin made me a believer. The way the drummer wailed on his drums like they owed him money and the singer’s demonic Tom Waits-esque roar made quite the impression. If there’s a bar in Valhalla, these guys would be the house band.

Jerre Wroble: I actually love the creativity of the DJ showcases. You can’t resist the beat, and before long, the dance floor becomes a booty-shaking mass of humanity. It puts you in an instant good mood (or maybe it was that juicy Cello-Driver cocktail at Zest).

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