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Grading City Weekly 

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There’s something (good) happening here, and it’s pretty clear. A number of your recent cover stories—which I used to dismiss as piffles or, alternatively, faint, familiar rants—have been excellent, particularly “Scrubbed to Death” [Nov. 4, City Weekly] and “Weed Goes West,” [Sept. 30, City Weekly]. The latter could’ve been published in any major national paper and only added to its credibility. And, while your top 100 eateries may be debatable, your food section has led me to gastronomic corners I never would’ve found otherwise.

“Scrubbed to Death” was well-written, nuanced and admitted its own didacticism in a refreshing way that actually made me think about things I thought I’d decided about. I’d love to take in a lecture (hopefully including a Q&A session) by Philip Gordon anytime.

I’ve also been enjoying other sections, slight redesigns and cleaner graphics, as well. And you’ve either been getting better letters, or picking better letters to print.

I still have complaints. The utterly predictable, boringly dialectical Tom Tomorrow should be replaced by a strip that occasionally deviates from the party line. Your arts section could recognize the existence of one of the most vibrant and passionate local arts communities in the area: the open mic music and poetry scenes that are in full swing all over the valley. Those include The Greenhouse Effect Open Mic (Sundays at 8:30 p.m.), Salt City Indie Arts poetry and music slams at Mo’s Bar & Grill, and others at Kava, Mestizo, Alchemy, Mojos (Ogden) and more. I mean, there are Artys for “Best Wine Art” and “Best Artistic Hair Design,” but no Best Open Mic or Best Spoken Word?

Still, good work. I give City Weekly an A-minus.

Jim Keller
West Haven

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