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Governments Have Total Control 

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I want to comment on two letters: Engred Shlee’s concerns about modifying the climate and Jeffe Olafsson’s Obama World War III diatribe [“Everyone’s Out for Themselves,” March 20; “Obama’s Wars,” March 27, City Weekly].

China openly bragged about steering a storm away from the Beijing Olympics. Putin has let his citizens know he can create any sort of weather conditions he likes.  Pilot and meteorologist Ben Livingston is credited with being the first person in the U.S. to use weather as a weapon during Vietnam.

Trained meteorologists can show evidence on radar images that Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, the Haiti earthquake, China quake, Indonesian tsunami and Philippines typhoons were man-made and directed.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention: the flash snowstorm that occurred on March 30 is quite possibly from an ELF weather machine. Especially considering the lightning.

Mainstream media refuses to report on any of this, of course. Your readers can easily learn how to differentiate between natural weather and this garbage.

Sally Golden
Cottonwood Heights

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